Lausd Sso Student Self-activation and Password Change

JAMES A. GARFIELD HIGH SCHOOL Single Sign On Students may login to numerous district applications by using one username Students can now activate their own accounts

and change their passwords You can do this at school or at home Having an active SSO account will be required Activating your account gives you access to:

Your Library and Textbook Account District Google Accounts District Databases Library ebooks Information sent by the school and school groups through email

College center news Senior, Junior, Sophomore or Freshman class news Alerts on special events Information from your club You will need 3 pieces of information to

access your account: 1. Your 10 digit district ID (its the number on your ID card) ex: 052799M213 Your 6 digit birthday

numbers M for Male 3 random F for Female

2. Your birth date 3. The phone number your parents gave as your emergency number (including area code) ( Your English teacher has a record of this

information and will give it to you) Go to: OR click on the LAUSD Student SSO link on the

library website If you forget your password, you need to reset it yourself by going to the student SSO website, and select reset my password. If you forgot your district ID or emergency

number, ask your English teacher (you might annoy them, and I dont blame them) If you do not have an emergency number on file, make sure you turn in your emergency information. You will need to follow up on this in the office.

Access email and Google Apps through the MyMail link on the library website. Access your library account by clicking on the Library Catalog or Destiny Quest tabs on the library website. It may take up to 24 hours for your account

activation to take the affect.

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