Joshua: Taking the Land - Gordon College

Joshua: Taking the Land 3 Victories 2 Problems War On nature of heroes Transition of Leadership difficulties God: the ever-present hero Leaders need for encouragement

Joshua the leader Josh 1:6f: be strong and very courageous Comp Moses: as I was with Moses Splitting waters Josh. 4:14 God hardens hearts of enemies

Holds up javelin to win Victories put side by side Meets angel, take off sandals Unity of Israel All Israel (Josh 1:12f; 4:12) Reuben/ Gad/ Half-Manasseh go with; 12 stones

Jericho Why was the taking of Jericho such a big deal? Location of Jericho Israel-Topographical Kings Highway Coastal Highway

Ammon-PartA Virtual Tel Jericho Jericho Rahab: heroine: Josh. 2:1-5 Is it okay to lie if have good reason? Rahabs confession, Josh. 2:9ff

What do we learn about women and war? 2:15f Jordan River Width/depth Crossing: miracle or natural phenomena: Josh. 3:16 Why 12 stones?--unity There till this day? (Josh 4:9;

6:25) 3 Gilgal things: Passover, circumcision, manna stopped etiology (5:9) Walls of Jericho Garstang yes LB --1930s Kenyon no LB only EB1960-70s Bryant Wood yes LB1990s

Archaeology = truth ? Mount Ebal altar: Josh 8:30 yes/no? Benjamin Southern Campaign Gibeonites slickness (Josh. 9) On marching all night and sun

standing still (Josh. 10: 11ff) What does the sun stood still mean? Standing still --24 hrs extra (computer) Silenced (cooled down) Omen text (positioning) What does it mean God listened to a

man? (Josh. 10:14)social What is the book of Jasher? Josh 10:13? Is the book of Jashar inspired? (cf. 2 Sam 1:18) Northern Campaign

Josh 11:1, 4ff Jabin king of Hazor league Israel-Topographical Hazor 2 Problems:

Ai: Situation (Josh 7-8) Arrogance, First Loss (7:6f) Problems: Achans sinfamily sin? Corporate Personality versus Individual God predictable ... habituation rather than choice God is with us assumption They sin then Joshua blames God: 7:7

One sin effects community Gibeonite deception Situationruse 9:4f Be careful of no-brainers 9:14 did not inquire of the Lord Trust God in the uniqueness of each

decision Woodcutters and water bearers Land division: Four tribes to know Ephraim, Benjamin, Judah, (Dan)

Six cities to know: Jericho, Gibeon, Jerusalem, Bethlehem, Hebron, Beersheba Tribal Map Benjamin Tribal Map-Judah

Tribal Map-Ephraim Manasseh Ph s ils Da n

t in e Ephraim Benjamin Judah

Gad Reuben How can a holy God kill Holy War: Herem (Deut 7; 20:1-20; Josh babies?

6:21) Give peace a chance Deut. 20:10

Judgment on sin of Amorites (Gen 15:16; Deut. 9:5)Lord hardened hearts so no peace treaty Josh. 11:19f Leaving them in land would lead Israel into sin a la Judges Deut. 20:18 Victory Rhetoric and hyperbole 11:15, 23 Gods life/death prerogativeinnocent parties? Rarely practiced: Jericho, Ai, Hazor Day of the Lord harbinger --warning

War: What is it good for? What do you think of war? Is it ever legitimate? What would you be willing to die for? For what would you kill someone? Can academics decide this issue?

War 4 views: Nonresistance Mat 5:39: turn the cheek; Peter uses sword rebuked Mat 26:52-54; Love neighbor not = killing (?) [murder] Separation of church and state (Jn 18:36 If my kingdom were of this

world my servants would fight) Christs dying for others example Problem with Nonresistance Dualism: spiritual / natural world; do you eat? Dual citizenship Other Scriptural remarks: Matt 10:34; Lk 22:35-38I did not come to bring peace but the

sword What if you saw someone being raped, would you not act forcefully? Dialogue? Pacifism: Mic 4:3 beat swords into plowshares Kingdom of God: lion laying down

with calf (Isa 11:6-9) Shalom rules Passive resistance: dying / selfsacrifice Possibility of individual calling (diversity) Just War theory

Go to war for good cause What constitutes a good cause? Joshua some wars are right

Eccles 3:1ff -- a time for war God portraying Himself as a warrior (Exod. 15:3; Ps. 18). Jesus too (SM versus Revelation on Scripture twisting, Rev. 19:15, 21 ) sword out of mouth=justice/peace? How does one fight a good war? Reasons for going to war

Biblical reasons for going to war: land, divine command, moral violation, insult, defense, oppression, helping others

Preventive War First strike to avoid latter conflict or prevent damage What do you think? Future problems: nukes in cities; blackmail, no national entity ideological groups of individuals not nations

Final Thoughts Do not let this book of the Law depart from your mouth; meditate on it day and night, so that you may be careful to do everything written in it. Then you will be prosperous and successful. Psalm 1:2 (beginning Prophets, Kethubim) same idea

Covenant renewal at Shechem 24:25 Final call to decision: 24:15

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