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The NaviGATOR Guide to a Successful Job Search! Tom Robertson, Ed.D. Associate Director of Admissions & Recruitment Office of Student Affairs Disclaimer!

Batting order! Job vs. Career Resume vs. CV My Mindset / Experience / Bias The 40 minute challenge! My Passion! Purpose! Provide overview of pharmacy job market as it relates to supply and demand Review of job search essential tools Discuss job search strategies and how to implement

Networking 101 Career Fairs / Conferences / Meetings Job search resources Creating your brand using social media Other advice and tips for managing a successful job search Q&A The Good ole Days Employment Trends Pharmacist Demand Indicator (PDI) National = 2.86 (Q2 2018) KEY:

5 = High demand 4 = Moderate demand: some difficulty filling open positions 3 = Demand in balance with supply 2 = Demand is less than the pharmacist supply available 1 = Demand is much less than the pharmacist supply available For questions about the Pharmacist Demand Indicator, contact David Kreling at School of Pharmacy, University of Wisconsin ([email protected]). PDI Florida (10 year) Starter Kit

Essentials (CV , cover letters, business cards, PC) Budget $$$ Full-time job & NAPLEX prep Self Assessment (How do you stand apart?) Interview Strategies (Behavioral/Situational) Clear career objective(s) Pharmacy Professional Guide to Resumes, CVs, and Interviewing (APhA)

Pair & Share! Task: Quickly list as many job search strategies you can think of in the next 60 seconds! Job Search Strategies

Hidden job market Job websites Employer websites Career Fairs Professional Associations (APhA, FPA) Local professional meetings Social Networks Alternative employers (e.g. law firms)

On-line resources Head Hunters Placement firms (No fees!) Keep in touch (classmates, faculty and preceptors) Volunteer College Career Centers Alumni events

Cold Calling (Being Proactive) Networking 101 Be genuine and sincere Building relationships Give & Take Holiday card list Be Brief Classmates, faculty, alums, preceptors, CC Social media (e.g. LinkedIn) Follow up Dont ask for a job

Clear goal(s) Every encounter counts! Hidden Job Market Conferences/ Meetings DO Preparation & Research CV/Resume Business cards Clear objective(s) 30 second infomercial KISS

Follow up DONT High traffic time Homecoming Mic is always ON! Textbook questions Unprofessional appearance Weak handshake / no smile Social Media Employers (including for Residencies) are checking social media sites to screen applicants. The top reasons that employers rejected candidates:

Lied about their qualifications (13 percent) Demonstrated poor communications skills (11 percent) Posted negative comments about a previous employer (11 percent) Posted inappropriate photos/comments (11 percent each) Made discriminatory comments (10 percent) Linkedin Tips

Update profile (professional photo and skills) More than just your resume Clear and concise objective Headline is key Build your network/connections (e.g. UF COP alums, ask for introduction)

Research potential employers and follow Be active (posts, articles, research, groups) Professional associations Use to prep for upcoming interviews Long Distance Search Road trip! Rotations Employer Referrals Network (Faculty) Programs / Schools Target Employers Craigslist

COP Alumni Start early! Meeting / Conference Internships Start now! Dont limit your search Research potential employers Network (Preceptors / Faculty / Alumni) Meetings / conferences Guest speakers / presenters Pathways to Pharmacy Careers! Career Resources

UF Career Connections (Career Resource Center) FPA & FSHP APhA Career Center Rx Career Center ASHP Student Forum Pharmacy Times / Pharmacy Careers

Recap Diversify Be flexible Full-time Job! Avoid the Pause button Persistent vs. Pest! Job versus your CAREER! Organize Balance (work/life) We will make an opportunity for a quality candidate. Thank you!

Tom Robertson, Ed.D. [email protected] (352) 294-8944

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