Introduction to Astronomy

Miscellaneous announcements Get started on your first observing project. Anyone interested in the astrophotography project? No class Monday (happy Labor Day).

First homework is due Wednesday. The Stars from Different Latitudes 1 September 2006

Today: How the stars change as you move to different latitudes on earth Using the stars to measure the size of

the earth From other locations Longitude (E-W location) doesnt matter, except to determine time of day

Latitude matters: For every 70 miles traveled north, northern stars get 1 higher, southern stars 1 lower So a 360 shift would presumably take 360 x 70 miles, or 25,000 miles: the earths

circumference! The Two-Sphere Universe The earth is a much smaller sphere at the

center of the celestial sphere. As you move around on the earth, your horizon changes

orientation so you see a different half of the celestial sphere. This model dates back to ancient Greece,

2500 years ago.

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