Introducing Decision Master Warehouse

Introducing RALLE Warehouse Risk Analysis Loss & Liability Examiner What is RALLE Warehouse? Risk Analysis Loss & Liability Examiner An Internet-based decision support system designed to help you manage claims for:

Workers Compensation Auto General Liability Property What can RALLE Warehouse do for ABC Company? Provides quality resources to help meet strategic goals Identify loss drivers and implement money-saving solutions that:

Reduce claims Improve safety Lower premiums Present complex information that is easy to use and understand Lead you to faster, more effective decisions RALLE Warehouse Management Report Commercial Insurance Loss Summary Review of your workers compensation,

auto, property, and general liability claims data Helps determine effectiveness of P&C programs Provides information for making loss control and risk management program changes 60 vivid exhibits RALLE Warehouse Drill-Down Powerful query engine that allows you to view your claims in limitless variations such as:

Locations Tenure Injury Type Provides a quantifiable view of core causes of the losses. RALLE Warehouse Drill-Down Drill-Down can answer questions such as: What factors are driving your losses? How many claims do you have at a particular location? How can we best reduce outstanding reserve

dollars? Are veteran or newer workers being injured more frequently? What type of training is needed for these specific groups of employees? Which locations have the most effective claims reporting practices? RALLE Warehouse Drill-Down Drill-Down allows you to evaluate

workers compensation claims by numerous dimensions to include body part, time of day, and location. Drill-Down also provides a variety of ways to analyze your data. Do you want to look at total paid? How about reserves? RALLE Warehouse Drill-Down

View the data in a variety of ways. Do you want to look at highest amount paid for lower back injuries at each location? Safety programs can then be geared specifically to a location or a shift.

What can RALLE Warehouse do for ABC Company? Assist you in your strategic goals Identify loss drivers Implement solutions

Reduce claims Reduce injuries Promote safety Lower premiums Put RALLE Warehouse to Work For You Let Commercial Insurance Services help you get to the bottom of your claims issues and formulate effective solutions today!

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