Intersections: Teaching Writing to Different Levels

Intersections: Explicit Support & High Level Thinking EMILY IS A ACS DEPARTMENT OF WRITING STUDIES, MONTCL AIR STATE UNIVERSITY Problems for Faculty The curricula Problem: its either too slow or too fast For some students, the developmental curricula is too slow, repetitive, and unnecessary For some students, the regular composition curricula assumes too much The reading comprehension problem Many students do not read (well) Few students read well when they read online The variety problem

Most students struggle with some of the basics.. (what they should know by now) BUT. The 25 students in the room do not struggle with the same basics The Idea for (Variously) Developing Students Take them seriously by engaging them with ideas that matter Assume as little as possible Familiarity with terms of instruction or writing process Familiarity with conventions or academic expectations Familiarity with middle-class cultural inheritance or American history Be explicit in instruction

On reading effectively On generating ideas and planning for composing On drafting and revising On rules, conventions, and sentence level clarity Student writers have different strengths/weaknesses, so one size will not fit all Supporting Reading Make readings brief, and provide support for reading successfully

Gloss words and terms that are culturally specific or difficult Preview readings (topic, genre, main points) Direct readers before they read (look for.) Make connections with writer before and after students read Teach reading terms: thesis, main idea, supporting claim/point, point of view, genres (narrative, report) Take on non-reading with free reading Teach active reading: reading aloud, forecasting, skimming, signal word spotting, annotating, outlining, 2column notes, profiling the author/genre

Address reading habits (place, noise, time of day, time at all) Assess reading comprehension: focus first on comprehension, then engagement, and finally finding the connections (personal and to other readings) Supporting Writing Address the fear/procrastination monster directly Teach the writing terms you and the program use, and use them consistently (prewriting, draft, revision, editing, peer review, focus, development) Be explicit about what an academic essay is, what you expect, and the dos and donts of the major features Walk through sample essays explaining the moves. Sell process writing for its transformative, stress relieving powers

Define/show each stage define and show rewriting and revision especially Teach peer review, and using peer and instructor review Teach editing for clarity (show, perform as a class) Compelling, Timely Topics Language and Identity: Are We Made with Words? Appearances: Who Should Decide What We Look Like? Immigration: Americas Great Story Abilities and Disabilities: Are They Linked? 21st Century Gender: When It Matters and When It Doesnt

More Than Just a Game; What Sports Say about American Society The Digital Age: Risks and Rewards Words: Sticks and Stones Accessible, Urgent Texts by Diverse Writers

The Way of the Dinosaurs Rafael Campo realizes unlearning Spanish made him successful One Man Explains Why He Swears by Wearing Spanx -- Kevin Fanning needs to look good to feel good My Year of Modesty Lauren Shields sheds make-up and revealing clothes and becomes empowered My Soul to Keep, My Weight to Lose Alice Randall uncovers how putting others first is killing her My Life as an Undocumented Immigrant Jose Antonio Vargas reveals his illegal status Autism and Visible Thought Temple Grandin tells her story of autism, explaining her special abilities On Living with Depression Udoka Okafur shares her story, the stigma, and the support My Son Wears Dresses, Get Over It Policeman Matt Duron tells his story and urges good parenting My Life in Two Genders Jennifer Boylan tells her story of self-acceptance I Can Hardly Believe Its Legal Bob Ryan questions Americas love of football

When I Confronted by Cruellest Troll Lindy Wests personal experience with internet abuse Watch for Unintended W/D/F Traps: Unintended Bias in Policies and Syllabi Absentee/late policy Point structure: does it enable ultimately successful writers to pass? Criteria for passing essays: is it appropriate today, for your students, for you schools majors? Implicit technology access requirements Due dates: are tasks layered and made manageable? Assess for Disparate Impact: Are there patterns in success and failure in different populations?

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