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Interaction of Story Elements Elements of Story Plot Plot is the action, the quest for satisfaction, What's going down, what's going to happen. Setting Setting gives us the where and the when, Could be modern day, the future, or way back when. Character Knock knock, who's there? Oh, it's the characters,

The people in the story who carry out the action. Conflict Flick something in your eye, now you're conflicted, What created drama? The conflict did. Theme The theme of the story is the main idea, The central belief or the topic thats in there. Interaction of Elements Story elements interact with one another to shape the story.

If one were changed, it would affect all the others, similar to a puzzle that shows a different picture when you rearrange the pieces Thus, story elements have a cause/effect relationship. These ideas are most easily stated in if then statements. Interaction of Elements If Sundiata wasnt strong and determined (CHARACTER), then he wouldnt have overcome his disability (PLOT). If Helen didnt live in the 1800s (SETTING), then she might not have

become blind and deaf and wild (CHARACTER/PLOT). If Then If a story element were different a plot event were different the setting was different a character was different the conflict was

different a theme was different Then how would it affect another story element how would it affect something else about the plot, setting, character, conflict, or theme If.. Then.

Captain Keller How would that wasnt so stubborn (CHARACTER) Anne and Helen hadnt left the cottage (SETTING) How would that If Anne wasnt so How would that

determined (CHARACTER) affect the plot? affect the conflict? affect the theme? ELEMENT Plot Setting Character

Conflict Theme STORY IFTHEN EVIDENCE FROM TEXT Interaction of Elements Booklet Fold a blank sheet of paper in half like a small book. On each of the four pages: Label each page with an element of story. Describe ONE example in The Veil of that element. Draw a panel from the graphic novel showing that

story element. Write an ifthen statement to explain how that story element affects another. ERQ Analyze how the setting of Persepolis shapes the plot OR a character. Provide at least ONE piece of key information from the text. Explain how the key information from the text supports you analysis. Model ERQ In The Miracle Worker, the setting greatly affects the development of the plot. Because the

Keller family lives during the 1800s (setting), medicine was not available to cure Helens illness before it damaged her sight and hearing (plot). If Helen Keller had been born later in history, then she wouldnt have lived with these handicaps. In the beginning of Act 1, the DOCTOR states, Main thing is the fevers gone, these things come and go in infants, never know why. His misunderstanding of Helens illness reveals a lack of knowledge about the illness during that time period. A P E

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