Institutional Repository (Gyansrota) of Research Papers/Articles

Design and Development of Gyansrota: DRDO Institutional Repository of Research Papers and Articles Presentation at NACLIN 14 (During 9-11 December 2014, Pondicherry) By: Suman Negi, Technical Officer B 1 DESIDOC, DRDO, Delhi GYANSROTA : DRDO INSTITUTIONAL REPOSITORY OF RESEARCH PAPERS/ARTICLES The Institutional Repository (IR) of Research

Papers/Articles centralised facility for named Gyansrota scholarly acquiring, digital is a archiving preserving

and disseminating the intellectual output which is published in the form of Research Papers by DRDO Scientists/Staff. 2 NEED FOR INSTITUTIONAL REPOSITORY More than 50 labs/estts. across the country Wide spectrum of R&D activities Manpower approx 30,000 (Officers and staff)

Covers almost all areas of S&T domain Generates huge amount of intellectual output in the form of reports, patents, research papers, monographs out of R&D projects No centralised mechanism to collect, collate & index this knowledge 3 4 WHY DSPACE?

Open source software World wide used for creating IR (E.g. IIT Mumbai & Delhi, IISc Bangalore, IIM, Ahmedabad, NISCAIR, NTIS, NASA, MIT, Texas A&M University etc.) Easy to customise as per ones need

Design and configured in Java, XML GUI format as per DRDO requirement. Create metadata as per DRDO requirement Multilingual metadata support Uses highly scalable postgreSQL as the database back-end Compliance with standards and protocols like Dublin Core, UNICODE Powerful search-engine based on Lucene, with customizable index and full-text search Intuitive way of self archiving Well defined workflows 5 H/W & S/W AT BACK-END Platform

LINUX OS Software Used for IR DSpace Open Source Software Ver 1.7.2 - built on Apache web server and Tomcat Servlet engine Database PostgreSQL relational database 6

CUSTOMISATION AT DESIDOC User Interface 7 CUSTOMISATION AT DESIDOC Metadata Metadata Fields: 1. 2. 3. 4. Author Title Other Title Publication

Year 5. Publisher 6. Citation 7. Identifiers 8. Type 9. Language 10.Keywords 11.Abstract 12.Sponsores 13.Description 8 CUSTOMISATION AT DESIDOC Browse And Search 9

INFRASTRUCTURE SETUP AT DESIDOC ATIZ Bookdrive pro, V shaped digital book scanner FUZITSU fi-6770 10 Digitisation Process Correspondence with DRDO laboratories across India to collect

research papers/articles in print/digital form Born digital data received from Labs Step 1: Pre-Scan Checking & Preparation Step 2: Scanning Step 3: Image Cleanup (if required) Step 4:

Printed Materials Check the completeness of documents State of the documents Size of the documents Place the research paper for scanning Allocate batch number to reords/documents The documents are scanned using ATIZ Book Drive Pro and fuzitsu, OCR and saved as TIF files. Software used: Adobe Photoshop Software used:Scan Tailor

Page Straightening & Deskewing Step 5: OCR & PDF Creation Software used: ABBY Fine Reader, Adobe Acrobat 11 Step 6: Step 7&8: Metadata Creation

Check Metadata& Step 9 Upload file in the repository IR(GYANSROTA): AT A GLANCE 12 CHALLENGES Technical knowhow

Collection of the contents 13 CONCLUSION Repositories are an excellent tool Significant Avoidance of duplication DSpace, an ultimate solution Helps in managing the intellectual asset 14 15

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