American Astronomical Society 205th meeting, San Diego, Jan 13, 2005 Gettysburg College Observatory view from the southeast

The Gettysburg 16 Reflector F/11 0.4 m Mfr. Ealing, 1968

Upgrade by ACE, Tucson, 1996 Camera: Photometrics 350;

TE Cooled; High Speed readout Chip: SiTE 003B 1024 x 1024 pixels

ACE 2-wheel filter box; 16 slots STV-Offset Guider

Camera and Filter Box Computer Control from Remote Warm Room (software and Hardware by ACE)

Offset Guider and Tube Cooling SBIG STV Automatic Guider

Auxiliary Chilled Water

Circulator for CCD Dome Control and Dome Cooling

Warm Room Controls and Hardware

Astronomers View of the Controls DVD VHS

Sidereal Time Universal Time Stereo/FM

Autoguider Autoguider Display

CCD control Telescope Control

Guider and CCD controls CCD and Telescope Controls

The ACE Telescope Control Screen Observatory Monitors and Sidereal Timebase

Filter Controller (serial data input) Observatory Power Control (manual and computer controlled)

Observing Aids: Phase predictor for eclipsing Binary Stars Automatic Image Data Logging

OBSERVING PROJECTS FACULTY-STUDENT RESEARCH Astrometry of critical list asteroids

Photometry of Eclipsing Binary Stars --- collaboration with G. Torres, et al, CFA Target of Opportunity Light curves of bright supernova Transits of Extrasolar Planets

ADVANCED PHYSICS LAB EXERCISES CCD photometry of short period variables ( Scuti, SX Phe) Astrometry of bright asteroids

Photometry of Eclipsing Binaries and Bright Supernovas Extrasolar Planet Photometry

The Gettysburg Asteroid

Patrol: Search Strategy Software to Blink and Measure

Asteroids The Gettysburg Asteroid Patrol T-Shirt Logo

A wider angle view of the Gettysburg College Observatory

October, 2004: the bad news Clark Field


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