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Mental Health Awareness Allison Masters, LMHC, ATR Suzanne Sinnwell, LMHC, ATR-BC District Mental Health Counselors What is Mental Health? What are Mental Health Concerns? Major Depression Social Anxiety Situational Depression General Anxiety Performance Anxiety Panic Attacks Post Traumatic Stress Mood Disorders Attention Deficit Disorder Eating Disorders

Thought Disorders Healthy Steps for Most Mental Health Concerns Try to sleep 8-10 hours a night Try to go to bed around the same time each night Try to have a healthy diet Drink 8 glasses of water a day Add vegetables and fruits to meals Avoid salt and sugars Try to exercise 30 minutes per day Walk ,run, ride a bike, yoga, find a preferred YouTube exercise video, exercise with a friend. Anxiety (worry, stress, nervous) Symptoms Sweating Racing thoughts (cant turn brain off)

What does it look like? Isolation/Shy Stressed out/freaking out Cant complete work Frequent absences/avoidance Butterflies Jaw clenching Jitters/Cant sit still Jumpiness Red Face Agitated/keyed up Hot/Cold What ifs

On edge Fatigue Lump in throat Difficulty sleeping Physical pain Panic Feels like people are watching Complaints of physical illness Healthy Steps for Anxiety Reduce caffeine and sugar intake Use grounding technique Name five things you can see

Name four things you can feel Sleep 8 hours a night Reduce screen time, especially before bed Name three things you can smell Use 5-6-7 breathing Name two things you can hear Name one thing you can taste Inhale for 5 seconds Hold breath for 6 seconds Blow out for 7 seconds Repeat Depression (stress, sad, alone) Symptoms

Muscle/joint pain Fatigue What it looks like Isolate Indecisive/ poor concentration Poor coping Tearful Self-injury On edge Thoughts of suicide Stomach pain Worthlessness Appetite changes Increased substance use

Cant focus Suicide attempts Absences Giving away prized possessions Lack of future plans Withdraw from friends Memory loss Loneliness even though not alone Moodiness Healthy Steps for Depression Eat healthy foods Lean towards uplifting entertainment (music, tv, games,etc.)

Focus on at least 1 positive part of your day Set a sleep/wake schedule Spend time with a pet Help another person Journal for a limited time Increase exercise 30 minutes to 1 hour per day Example: 10 minutes per day Attention Deficit Disorder Symptoms What it looks like Restlessness Impulsivity Frequent moving

Cant concentrate Internal motor running Frequent moving Irritable Interrupts Cant control self Forgetful/Zones out Cant focus Doesnt complete tasks Aggressive Disciplinary problems Healthy Steps for Attention Deficit Disorder Healthy diet

Exercise 30 mins-1 hour a day Keep to a routine (sleep, eating, homework) Visual checklist of tasks Focus on positive qualities What Can I do? Do I need help? Who can help me? Am I thinking about suicide? Teachers Do I have a plan to hurt myself? Guidance Counselors Am I taking more days off? Am I feeling more agitated?

Am I pulling away from friends? Are people saying they are concerned? Are people spending less time with me? Are my grades declining? Do I think people would be better off without me? Do I feel nothing works out? Mental health clinic Parents/Family members Crisis Hotline Coach Therapist

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