HIV and AIDS HIV/AIDS HIV - virus that targets host immune cells and turns them into viral factories for HIV reproduction

AIDS - associated symptomatic condition rendering the host vulnerable to opportunistic infections, disability, death

Nutrition Therapy Nutritional Implications AIDS-related wasting syndrome (AWS) Changes in body composition during weight loss like starvation or marasmus

Weight loss or wasting even with adequate or increased kcal intake, may be immune mediated Decrease in LBM even without weight loss

Nutrition Therapy Nutritional Implications Reduction in muscular protein influenced by medications Calories, protein

Changes in macro- and micronutrient status Lower serum selenium, zinc, magnesium, calcium, iron, manganese, copper, carotene, choline, glutathione, vitamins A, B6, B12, E

Carnotene: helps process fats/lipids Nutrition Therapy Nutritional Assessment Nutritional risk screening and follow-up assessment

for identified risk factors Physical, biochemical, nutrition-related factors, social factors Nutrition Therapy

Nutritional Assessment Physical BMI less than 20 we would start looking at parentral nutrition Weight

Body composition Assess causes of weight loss and body composition changes without weight loss Total volumes of body compartments and patterning of fat tissue

CT scan, underwater weight, fat folds, bioelectric competence Abdominal circumference

2007 Thomson - Wadsworth Abdominal skinfold Right side skinfold

2007 Thomson - Wadsworth Back skinfold

2007 Thomson - Wadsworth Infraorbital skinfold 2007 Thomson - Wadsworth

Buccal skinfold 2007 Thomson - Wadsworth

Sub-mandibal skinfold 2007 Thomson - Wadsworth Nutrition Therapy

Biochemical Assessment Viral load CD4 count CRP Albumin

Concerned about protein Liver function tests Medications effect their liver Look at stage theyre in

Renal function tests Insulin, blood sugar Hormone levels

Nutrition Therapy Medical History Assessment Current and past medical conditions Hx of nutrition problems Concomitant diseases

Use of herbal and OTC meds Potential drug-nutrient interactions Nutrition Therapy Dietary Evaluation

Food behaviors Food security Food intake Compare with estimated needs for fluids, protein, micronutrients

Need for food and nutrient supplements Nutrition Therapy Nutrition Interventions Macronutrient Therapy

Fluid based on hydration maintenance Kcal based on balance for healthy weight Protein recommendations usually higher 2007 Thomson - Wadsworth

Nutrition Therapy Symptom management Fatigue and diarrhea most common Anti-diarrheals

Pancreatic or lactase enzymes Supplementation of nutrients as pharmaceutical agents

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