History of Colonization of Ga 2-Column Notes

HISTORY OF COLONIZATION OF GA 2-COLUMN NOTES COLONIES BEFORE GEORGIA oLeft hand side: oEngland had settled 12 colonies. oCarolina was founded in 1663 and divided in 1729 into North and South. oBy 1700s the English settlers were using Indian trails through GA to make surprise attacks on Spanish Forts in Florida. oIn return the Spanish attacked Charles Town but were defeated.

oLeaders in England were afraid the Spanish in Florida would grow strong and come back. oLand between English Carolina and Spanish Florida became IMPORTANT! oEnglish wanted to claim land (between English Carolina and Spanish Florida) and use it as a buffer zone. oRight hand side: Draw Eastern U.S. Together we will label it. CONDITIONS IN ENGLAND: oLeft hand side: oFarms not producing enough food. oPeople leaving farms and going to cities. oCities overcrowded. oMany homeless and people who could not pay their

bills were placed in debtors prison. oRight hand side: Draw a debtors prison and write why people were placed in prison. JAMES OGLETHORPE oLeft hand side: oMember of Parliament (Government) oServed on committee to reform prison. oHad a friend that died in debtors prison. oHeard talk about a new colony in America. oTalked to friends (Trustees), together they wrote a charter to start the colony.

oRight hand side: Draw Oglethorpe and have a text box of him stating why he wanted to start the colony of GA. CHARTER OF 1732 oLeft hand side: oWritten contract giving the holder the right to claim land and establish a colony. oGroup of men called Trustees wrote the charter requesting the land south of Carolina be set aside for the poor person of London, worthy poor oThey would name it Georgia after King George II o3 purposes: 1. Charitable: relief for debtors and worthy poor

2. Economic: it would support itself by sending raw materials back to England. 3. Defensive: protect the settlers of Charles Town from Spanish. TOMOCHICHI oLeft hand side: oChief of the Yamacraw Indians in Georgia. oMeets with Oglethorpe and agrees to let them stay oOrganize a meeting with a group of Creek Chiefs and Oglethorpe. oAfter 3 days they sign the Treaty of Savannah 1. Creeks agree to give land to colonists (land between the Savannah and Altamaha rivers which is known as Yamacraw Bluff)

2. Colonists agree to trade with Natives. oRight hand side: Draw Creek Chief and Oglethorpe agreeing on the terms of the Treaty of Savannah. MARY MUSGROVE oLeft hand side: oDaughter of white South Carolina trader and Creek Indian. oShe & her husband owned a trading post. oThey agreed to introduce Oglethorpe and Tomochichi and translate. oHer husband will die and she will remarry an

Englishman oHer new husband will convince Mary, the British owes her more money and will encourage Mary to claim St. TERMS THAT MAKE UP THE TRUSTEE PERIOD IN GEORGIA TAKE OUT A SHEET OF PAPER Individuals 1.James Oglethorpe 2.Mary Musgrove 3.Tomochichi

ARRIVING IN GEORGIA oLeft hand side: o1st settlers were expected to; 1. Care for the house 2. Care for 5 acre garden in town total acres of land 3. Care for 45 acre farm in country 4. Help cultivate mulberry trees to feed silkworms This will give the settler 50 oMany settlers (40 of the 114) end up dying within the first year.

oRight hand side: oDraw the 5 acre garden in town and the 45 acre farm in the country. SALZBURGERS oLeft hand side: oSalzburgers are German (originally from the German/Austrian border) protestants who came for religious freedom. They ask Oglethorpe to stay oJ.O. gives them a place 25 miles from Savannah. They called this Ebenezer. oEbenezer had poor soil (marsh land) caused them

to move up river. They called this place up river, New Ebenezer. oEventually settle on St. Simons Island. oRight hand side: Draw the Savannah River and show where the Salzburgers settle. HIGHLAND SCOTS oLeft hand side: oMen of Scotland had a reputation of being good soldiers. oJ.O needed to protect GA from Spanish so he recruited 175 Highland Scots to come to

Savannah. oThey settled in Darien on the Altamaha river. oThey opposed slavery. oRight hand side: Draw the Altamaha river MALCONTENTS oLeft hand side: oPeople who had been living in the colony of GA for a period of time and were UNHAPPY! 1.Limit on Land 2.No Slaves

3.No Rum 4.Wanted the right to elect leaders oRight hand side: Draw malcontents and reasons why theyre unhappy. GROUPS AND LOCATIONS IN THE TRUSTEE PERIOD 1. Highland Scots and Darien 2. Salzburgers and New Ebenezer 3. Malcontents

EVENTS OF TRUSTEE PERIOD War of Jenkins Ear and Battle of Bloody Marsh EVENTS OF TRUSTEE COLONY Conflict with Spanish (part of War of Jenkins Ear) 1. Oglethorpe led a group of soldiers on a mission to capture St. Augustine. 2. He never made it to St. Augustine, a group of free black colonists stopped him at a small fort outside St. Augustine. 3. After this, the Spanish made a plan to come up the coast and

destroy the colony of Georgia 4. Oglethorpe, along with the Highland Scots and other soldiers were able to surprise the Spanish troops and defeat them off the coast of St. Simons Island. This battle is known as the Battle of Bloody Marsh. 5. After this, the Spanish left Georgia and did not come back again. Eventually the St. Johns river became the boarder between British Georgia and Spanish Florida. EVENTS OF TRUSTEE COLONY CONTINUED

Right side: Draw: 1. A map showing where the Battle of Bloody Marsh took place and then the new border of Georgia. Draw a line Left side: Oglethorpe called back to England While Oglethorpe led the troops to victory in the Battle of Bloody Marsh, he was not as successful in leading the colony. The Malcontents had been writing letters to the Trustees back in England complaining about Oglethorpe and his laws. In 1743, the King calls him back to England.

Right side: Draw Oglethorpe going back to England CHANGES IN THE COLONY Left Side: Changes in the Colony 1. Many of the colonists blamed the Trustee laws for the colonys problems. 2. Under pressure, the trustees began reversing the laws. 3. By 1752, the trustees had lost interest in the Georgia colony. 4. They no longer had the money to keep the colony going. 5. The trustees returned the colony to the king in 1752. 6. King George II appointed John Reynolds, the first royal governor.

7. He made many changes in the government and Georgia became a Royal colony. Right side: Draw Georgia with a Crown on top

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