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Parental Engagement Duncan Hield Product Manager SIMS Learning Gateway

SLG provides secure access to childrens progress for parents and strengthens the triangle of

communication between school, parent and pupil. Neil McClements Rainey Endowed School SLG Headlines

Deliver Customer Change Requests Continue to enhance Homework Develop ease of reporting Spring 2015 Homework Statuses "show late homework" will be changed to "show

homework status web part property to globally hide all statuses Spring 2015 Teacher Homework View Homepage Widget for teachers to view their own homework

Spring 2015 Teacher Homework View The homework appears in the Timeline according to the due date Blue backgrounds indicate future homework

Red backgrounds indicate homework has not been handed in by at least one student and if homework is due for that day Spring 2015 Teacher Homework View Green backgrounds indicate all homework has been

handed in Yellow backgrounds indicate at least one student has been given a homework extension Spring 2015 Pre-defined Reports All fields available in reporting dictionary

Homework Teacher Hierarchy SLG Alert Widget How many parents have completed DCS How many parents have read published reports

Report for which parents have not SLG Focus and Priorities Publish reports improvements Browser investigation and fixes Authentication

SIMS InTouch

SIMS InTouch saves us time and makes communication instant, helping with behaviour and attendance issues Janet Eppleston North Chadderton

InTouch During the recent snow period Total Messages sent via InTouch 2.4 million

Average SMS sent using InTouch 2014 Primary Secondary 4,000

12,000 Primary Pricing...Thank you for your feedback Your feedback - The Primary price is prohibitive The Primary License price is now 400 from 1st April

Your feedback - the initial number of SMS is prohibitive Offer before 1st July, 4000 SMS What have we done in the product? Move to web services:

InTouch is even easier to support Low touch install 680 schools have already moved to web services 200 left to move Spam Filtering

Further protects InTouch Schools by providing:

Spam filtering Anti-Virus Banned word scanning Identify potential threats through attachment scanning

How Have Schools upgraded? InTouch web services and VPN run in parallel If SSM not installed, InTouch continues to run with VPN on Autumn School upgrades to Autumn SSM is installed & InTouch services started

School receives email, copy and pastes the licence key into set up screen InTouch Spring - Usability No need to set up the Scheduler Service Automatic Scheduling of Messages and Reminders

Improvements to spam filtering Further increase speed of InTouch Flag messages Outlookifying InTouch My Messages Inbox (Flag Status)

My Messages Inbox (Flag Status) In sort order School Messages Inbox (Flag Status) InTouch Summer - Customisation

One mailbox for all messages Allow schools to customise message defaults to suit their needs: Outgoing messages Incoming messages Recipient External Email Accounts

One Mailbox InTouch users will now see one mailbox for all messages, with School and User (formerly MyMessages) having icons to identify them Customise Send/Receive as

For each message type, default can be changed of who messages are sent from; the school or the user. Customise Defaults can be set by the school e.g. a part time attendance officer could send messages, with the

replies received by anyone with School permissions to ensure timely resolution Customise Recipients The default can be changed for the InTouch recipient type

External Email Accounts Choose message types to be forwarded to an external account. InTouch Summer - Customisation

SIMS Agora Using SIMS Agora has been very easy for our

school it just works! Our parents like the system too and really appreciate the convenience of being able to make payments online, whenever and wherever they wish to. Mrs Jean Robinson

Didsbury CofE Primary School Agora Over 24,000 active parent accounts Over 5 million processed since launch (April 2013) 145,000 transactions

January - 600,000 transaction value Agora Headlines Support Unit notifications end February Cashless Catering ready for early adopters FMS integration launched at BETT

Refunds Support Unit Notifications Making Agora easier to support, building on LA demo sites

Nominate support email contact for notifications Cashless Catering

Part of making Agora the One Stop Shop for parents to make all payments for their children Only Accredited SIMS Partners Ability to roll back data if required

Additional Synchronisation Statuses The Agora Dashboard screen shows the synchronisation status of the SIMS upload, the FMS download and the School Meals upload and downloads. The green tick denotes a successful synchronisation

The orange exclamation mark means no synchronisation in the last 24 hours The red cross means synchronisation failed The cycle means it has an unknown synchronisation status Agora interface with FMS

Agora interface with FMS Agora FMS interface journals Parent make a 10.00 payment on line Ledger Code

Ledger Type School Dinner Money IN

External Debtor DE DR

CR 10.00 10.00 Deposit of funds into schools bank account where a transactions

charge is made/taken this will be a few days later Ledger Code Ledger Type DR

External Debtor DE Bank Account

BK 9.70 Transaction Charge

EX 0.30 CR

10.00 December 2014 Release Universal Free School Meals Diagnostics and Reporting Student Statement of all Transactions

Documentation for SIMS Support Units Record Refunds Produce a statement for a single student Choose

groups to filter students Student Statement Filterable list of each payment, exportable to MS Excel

Show a refund has been made Manual Transactions screen Select

from dropdown Select product to refund Specify Refund

Refunds can be for less than the full product amount but cannot exceed it

Finalise Refund A reason must be logged for

the refund Print a refund receipt Previous refunds

Refund Reports Agora Product Page Re-Design Functionality Enhancements User Experience Paying in instalments

0 balance products Upload PDFs Parental consent Improve stock control Screens so far.......

Agora Future Priorities Improvements to on-boarding process Functionality Enhancements Reporting Paypoint Transaction surcharges

Store card facility Staff Provision Thank you Your questions?

Ben Jones [email protected]

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