Counting and Cardinality How many blue shapes do you see? 5

Splat! How many shapes does the splat cover? How do you know? How else could you know? Lets look under

the splat to see how many shapes are there. What can we learn from this picture?

Steve Wyborney What do you know and how do you see it? 8 Steve Wyborney We will: Examine the Counting and Cardinality domain in the TN Math Standards and analyze the content progressions. Apply content progressions to instructional

tasks. Summarize new learning so we can plan effective lessons and create aligned tasks and assessments. How? Read, build, draw Talk

Write and Record The Learning Progressions Instructional Shifts Focus The standards are focused on fewer topics so that students can dig deeper within the mathematics.

Coherence Topics within a grade are connected to support focus. Additionally, standards are linked across grades to ensure vertical coherence. Rigor The standards set expectations for a balanced approach to pursuing conceptual understanding, procedural fluency, application, and modeling.

Expectation Three: Rigor Procedural Skill and Fluency: The standards call for speed and accuracy in calculation. Conceptual Understanding: The standards call for conceptual understanding of key concepts, such as place value and ratios. Modeling/Application: The standards call for

students to use math in situations that require mathematical knowledge. Three Aspects of Rigor Cluster Grade

Nomenclature and Coding Standard Domain 4.OA.A.1

Clusters for Grade Levels Group 3 PK.CC.A K.CC.A


PK.NBT.A K.NBT.A 1 2 Cluster Progression PK.CC.B


2.OA.B 1.NBT.B 2.NBT.A Step 1: Focus Thinking Around One

Big Idea Review the assigned clusters. Discuss the big idea that each cluster is asking the students to know and be able to do. Step 2: Collaborate & Discuss Changes How is the cluster different from the previous grade level?

Are there new concepts introduced or added? Are any concepts dropped? How does the demand of the cluster change? Does an idea or skill get more complex? How? (Analyze the verbs) Step 3: Consider Rigor when Planning Instruction

Is this a new concept that has never been taught? What content knowledge should be developed or shared? What resources or support might we need to teach this concept? What types of assessment might we need to measure this learning?

Summarize Instructional Shifts Focus: what is the focus of each grade level Coherence: what changes from grade to grade Rigor: Where do you see the 3 aspects of rigor Norms

Provide explanations and justifications with all answers Make sense of each others solutions Say when you dont understand or dont agree Try these 5+3+5+4+7

9+5+8+2+1 4+5+6+3+7 Beginning Place Value: Understands combinations to 10 Lets Move! Play music while students walk around the room. When the music stops, students find a partner. One partner

(previously determined) will hold up a certain number of fingers less than 10 (ex. 4). The other partner must hold up the corresponding number of fingers to make 10 and say the number sentence (ex. 4 plus 6 equals ten). Beginning Place Value: Understands combinations to 10

10 frame Begin with five frame and then add the bottom half. Dont give away the short cut. Ask students, What do you notice about this frame? Rather than telling them that its two groups of five or ten. What do you see? How do you see it?

What do you see? How do you see it? What do you see? How do you see it? Rekenrek

/Using+the+Rekenrek+as+a+Visual+Model+by+Barbara+Blanke.pd Rekenrek Rekenrek Flash Attack

Teacher/student shows a number quickly on the Rekenrek and then takes it out of view. Students must say/make the same number. Visual can be showed again, if students need extra support. This encourages subitizing. You can also do this with cubes, ten frames, dominoes etc. Rekenrek

Show me (0-10) Show a numeral or say a number out loud for the students to show you on their Rekenrek using only one push. Once moving to more advanced numbers (11-20) ask them to show you using two pushes. Rekenrek Online: Professor Garfield Math Game

Planning Reflect on this session: What did you come to understand? What did you discuss? What groupings/ format did you use to discuss? What scaffolds were provided? When were they provided?

How did you record and share your thinking? What is one thing that inspired you today? What are some things you learned today that you want to remember in August? Please give feedback on todays session:

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