FPZA Surf Coast Chapter

FPZA Surfcoast Chapter Annual Chapter Meeting and Awards Ceremony 2015 AGENDA

Call to Order Approval of the Agenda Recognition of Elected and Appointed Officials Recognition of the Gala Sponsors

Opening Remarks by FPZA State President Installation of 2016-2018 Officers and Directors Adjournment of Meeting Portion of the Gala Presentation of the 2015 Awards Recognition of Elected

and Appointed Officials Awards Gala Sponsors PLATINUM Lassiter Transportation Group GOLD

LDRG Solutions Scott McGrath Planning Solutions Tindale Oliver TMH Consulting Mark H. Rakowski, Keyes Real Estate

Opening Remarks John Thomson FPZA State President 2016 Chapter Officers & Board of Directors Officers:

Helen LaValley, President John Stockham, Vice President Colleen Miles, Secretary Becky Mendez, Treasurer Scott Ashley, Newsletter Editor Tom Brooks, Professional Development

Board of Directors: Tom Harowski Joel Ivey John Thomson Belinda WilliamsCollins Scott McGrath,


Award Presentations!! 2015 AWARD CATEGORIES Outstanding Innovation and Design

Outstanding Public/Private Partnership Sustainability Award Outstanding Planning Initiative Member-of-the-Year Award Focus Award

AND THE WINNERS ARE .. Outstanding Innovation & Design Outstanding Innovation &

Design Island Walk City of Palm Coast Branch Properties, LLC Outstanding Public/Private

Partnership Outstanding Public/Private Partnership Veterans Memorial Bridge Design Ghyabi & Associates, Inc.

Outstanding Planning Initiative Outstanding Planning Initiative Mill Lake Park Design &

City of Orange City Construction Tindale Oliver Design Sustainability Awards

Sustainability Award The Proud To Grow With It Campaign City of Deltona Sustainability Award

Hand Avenue Collector Road Upgrade City of Ormond Beach Zev Cohen & Associates, Inc. Member-of-the-Year Award

Member-of-the-Year Award Tony Otte For exemplifying outstanding achievement in support of the

planning profession FOCUS AWARD Focus Award Jack White

For Outstanding Community Involvement in Promoting Sound Planning Principles Congratulations

Winners!! 2015 FPZA Surfcoast Chapter Awards Ceremony

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