Forensic Serologist

FORENSIC SEROLOGIST by: Big Willy and Lil Birk Description of Serologist Determination of the type and characteristics of blood, blood testing, bloodstain examination, and preparation of testimony or presentations at trial are the main job

functions of a forensic serologist, who also analyzes semen, saliva, other body fluids and may or may not be involved with DNA typing. Education needed Such personnel would normally possess a Bachelor's or Master's degree, while a chief serologist would possess an M.D. or Ph.D. It's rare to find chief serologists, and the Bachelor's degree seems common.

How is it involved with solving crime? blood and bloodstain evidence is such an integral part of most crime scenes Blood is the most common, well-known and perhaps most important evidence in the world of criminal justice today. They also test other body fluids such as semen

Real Life Example: OJ Simpson Case Next to the bodies was a bloodstained black leather glove that bore traces of fiber from Goldman's jeans. The glove's mate, stained with blood that matched Simpson's, was found on his property. There were also traces of the blood of both victims lifted from inside Simpson's car and house, along with blood that contained his DNA. In fact, his blood and Goldman's were found together on the car's console.

Forensic serologists at the California Department of Justice, along with a private contractor, did the DNA testing. Type Of Evidence Employment Serologists, also known as forensic science technicians, work in forensic laboratories and provide analysis of

physical evidence found at crime scenes. Most are employed by government agencies, though some serologists also work for psychiatric hospitals, insurance carriers or private laboratories. They usually perform services for law enforcement agencies, prosecuting attorneys offices, hospitals, the FBI and other state and federal agencies. Serologists can also serve as expert witnesses in criminal trials. Disadvantages

Low paying Advantages Government job, good benefits Dealing with body fluids Use high-tech equipment

Having to deal with rape cases. Testing semen. Dont have to take a lot of courses to get degree Salary The Bureau of Labor Statistics reports that as of May

2011, the median annual salary for forensic science technicians was $52,180. The top paying industry for the occupation is the Federal Executive Branch with an annual mean salary of $95,240. State governments pay an average salary of $54,550 a year. Local governments have the highest levels of employment for forensic science technicians and pay an average salary of $54,990 a year.

Related fields of study DNA analyst Molecular biologist DNA technologist

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