FIT100: Fluency with Information Technology

Debugging & Troubleshooting To err is human, but it takes a computer to really foul things up 2004 Lawrence Snyder Using Computers... In IT, stuff goes wrong debugging is the process of finding the error Term coined by Grace Murray Hopper

Best solution make no mistakes! Be accurate get it right the 1st time In most cases computers cant recover for our errors The standard of precision for computers is perfect, which is tough for people, but try! When You Debug... Debugging is not algorithmic: no guaranteed process There are guidelines for debugging Rather than trying things aimlessly and becoming frustrated, think of yourself as

solving a mystery Become Sherlock Be objective: What are myHolmes clues? What is my hypothesis? Do I need more data? Consciously watch yourself debug -- its an out-ofbody experience When stumped, dont become frustrated, but ask, What am I misunderstanding? Debugging Guidelines

Verify that the error is reproducible Determine exactly what the problem is Eliminate the obvious causes Divide process into working/faulty parts On reaching a dead end, reassess the information you have, trying to identify the mistake you are making Work through process making predictions and checking theyre fulfilled Memorize

? Reproducibility First step: verify the error is reproducible Transient errors are very rare, but they do happen try again Getting out and getting back in Rebooting the operating system is advisable, especially for errors involving peripheral devices (printers, modems) Determine the

Problem Second step: figure out whats wrong Often there is a sequence of steps following an error and propagating it work backwards looking to see where the error first occurred Empty Mailing Database Label Pgm Mailing Label File

No Labels Printing Eliminate the Obvious Third step: eliminate obvious causes If the cause were obvious, the problem would have been fixed! There are standard things to check: Inputs Connections Working in Permissions similar situations Physical connectivity

is usually good enough Isolate the Problem Try to partition the situation into working and non-working parts Form a hypothesis of whats wrong Make as few assumptions as possible Takeisnothing for granted The goal

to eliminate as many things from consideration as possible At a Dead End, Reassess When everything seems to check out, dont get frustrated ... ask, What am I misunderstanding? Your goal is to see the situation as it is, not as you think it should be Are you assuming too much? Are you mis-reading the clues?

Sometimes, stepping back to the surrounding context is helpful Make Predication/Check Beginning with the isolated part, step through the process, predicting the outcome and verifying it A prediction that is not fulfilled shows

A possible bug A possible misunderstanding A chance to narrow the search Sleeping on it may help! A Debugging Example After building our web page, we find it is wrong Houston, we have a problem

Debugging Demo Intended page Summary Debugging is not algorithmic, but there are guidelines to follow It probably pays to memorize them so they come to mind while debugging Watch yourself debug -- assess how you are doing, what you need to know Being accurate -- avoiding textual mistakes at all -- saves frustration

Notice how few letters mess up a whole page

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