Fibres - Vivienne Clark

Fibres Lesson objective to be able to identify common and synthetic fibres Questions Do you know what a fibre is? Do you know where short fibres come from? Do you know which natural fibres are

one continuous filament? Do you know what regenerated fibres are? What are man-made fabrics or synthetic fabrics? Task 1 linen Cotton, wool and linen are short fibres, investigate where they come from and

what staple fibres means Silk is one continuous filament, find out what this means Cotton silk wool Task 2 - take notes then work on the computers Natural fibres come from animals or

plants, find out which fibres Regenerated fibres are made from cellulose-based fibres of plant origin (such as wood pulp) find out what fibres are regenerated bamboo viscose Task 3 - take notes

Synthetic fibres are made from chemicals obtained from oil, coal or other petrol based chemicals. Fibres are drawn out into long threads or filaments, usually by spinning or by melting the material and then forcing it through the holes of a perforated plate. Find out more about common synthetic fibres include polyester (your blazers are made from this), nylon and acrylic

Task 4 Find out or revise woven or non woven fibres What is a plan weave? What is a twill weave? What is a satin weave? How are fibres spun and then knitted? What is a bonded fibre, name some fabrics that you have used that are bonded

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