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Explore Peoples Diverse Experiences with Nationalism as an Identity, an Internalized Feeling, and a Collective Consciousness 20-1: To what extent do peoples experiences with nationalism vary? 20-2 How have people in Canada responded to some factors that shape nationalism? DEFINE: Collective Consciousness WHAT MAKES UP A SHARED COLLECTIVE CONSCIOUSNESS? Collective Consciousness

A term coined by the French sociologist mile Durkheim (18581917) to refer to the shared beliefs and mor al attitudes which operate as a unifying force within society. A group or nation may share a collective consciousness when its members collectively share similar values, beliefs, and internalized feelings based on their shared experiences A collective consciousness can develop when the people of a nation focus on their identity as a group rather than on their identities as individuals An awareness, or internal consciousness, shared by many

people. It may be based on a shared memory of and pride in Explore the following experiences with nationalism [as an identity/internalized feeling/collective consciousness] 20-1: Chapter 4 French Revolution & Napoleonic era 20-2: Chapter 2 French Revolution Canadian nationalism

Canadian nationalism Quebecois nationalism Quebecois nationalism First Nations & Metis nationalism American nationalism

Inuit perspectives First Nations & Metis nationalism Inuit perspectives Exploring Canadian Identity IS THERE A COLLECTIVE CONSCIOUSNESS IN A CANADIAN CONTEXT?

Activity: Canadian Identity Your group (2-3 people) has been selected as junior ambassadors for Canada. You will be leaving on a two week trip to a foreign country, where very little English is spoken. Your job is to teach people a little about Canada and our unique culture. Since this is a brief trip, you have limited space to bring items for your demonstration With your group, using poster paper, visually represent 5 items you would take along to help explain about Canadian culture Be prepared to present to class in 15 minutes, and explain WHY you selected these items

Think aboutwhat kind of impressions of Canada do you want to leave? Are there stereotypes you wish to dispel? Debrief What items did groups have similar? Different? Do all citizens in Canada share the same understanding of what Canada is? Do we all share the same sense of what it means to be Canadian?

What sense of nationalism is tied to these ideas? Did you know? 2006 Canadian Census, 91.6% of the nations population responded Canadian when asked to describe their ethnic origin Their depiction of themselves in this way suggests that they see themselves as belonging to a nation, a nation that is distinctively different from the 196 other possible choices listed It would not be reasonable to propose that people who describe themselves as Canadian possess a collective consciousness

Canadians and their Myths #Social 20-2 One myth that is part of the collective consciousness on many Canadians is the story of building the Canadian Pacific Railway. John A. Macdonald, Canadas 1st prime minister, dreamed of an iron road that would link the country of Canada from coast to coast, the Atlantic to the Pacific Ocean. Railway & Canadian National Identity #Social 20-2 The builders of the CPR faced many challenges; mosquitoinfested swamps, Western plains, mountain ranges. Completed in 4 years and 6 months by French, English,

Scottish, Irish, Italian, Slavic, Swedish, American, Chinese and Canadian workers. When they completed this great project, they felt as though they had proved something- Canadians could overcome huge obstacles! This view helped to make the CPR a national symbol! Challenges to Canadian Myths #Social 20-2 Early 1900s, people of British heritage made up the dominant cultural groups in Canada. British culture, traditions, and language was dominant. Francophone Canadians (French) and Aboriginal peoples began to tell their stories and histories. As they affirmed their identities they challenged the idea that Canada was British. They also challenged some of the creation of Canada myths.

Exploring Canadian Perspectives IS THERE A RANGE OF COLLECTIVE CONSCIOUSNESS AMONG PEOPLE IN CANADA? Diverse Understandings Within Canada, there are diverse understandings of the meaning of nation Historically, the collective consciousness of the Quebecois in

Canada has developed since the first French settlements in Canada Also, the FNMI people also hold alternative understandings of nation based on unique languages and cultures that predate European arrival Activity: Quebecois Nationalism Working individually, create a FLOWCHART that traces the evolution of Quebecois nationalism. QB Nationalis m Event

1 How did it contribute to nationalis m? Event 2 How did it contribute to nationalis m? Qubcois Nationalism

Canadien or Canadien-franais Up until the last few decades of the 20th century, Quebecs economy was largely in the hands of the _____ population of the province In order to provide employment, what did the province encourage? Who was dominating Quebecs businesses? What did this result in? Matre chez nous Masters of our own house

Jean Lesage, la Rvolution tranquille, the Quiet Revolution What were some of the reforms? What types of reforms were they? Qubcois Nationalism (contd) How did the reforms of the Quiet Revolution shift feelings of nationalism? The Qubcois became distinct from other Francophones

Social, economic, political changes Formulation of political movements and parties October Crisis (War Measures Act) Qubcois Nationalism (contd) People felt that what followed Pearsons Royal Commission on Bilingualism and Biculturalism was not enough to realize their ideal of Qubec as a nation for the Qubcois.

How did the political reforms of the Quiet Revolution and the extreme actions and resulting isolation of some Francophones from the October Crisis encourage a Qubcois nationalism focused on the preservation of the French language and Qubcois culture in Canada? Qubcois Nationalism (contd) Quebec wouldnt ratify the 1982 Constitution Meech Lake Accord (1987) What feelings did this evoke amongst the Canadiens?

Charlottetown Accord (1992) Parti Qubcois and Bloc Qubcois 1995 referendum results? In what ways did a sense of collective identity among Qubcois contribute to efforts to create a sovereign nation-state? Overview of Qubcois Nationalism: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wPqoeJ70qg4

Activity: FNMI Nationalism Example Create a MIND MAP that shows sources of FNMI nationalism FNMI Nationalism Example Example FNMI Nationalism We the Indigenous Peoples of the Americas understand all too

well that our survival and future is linked to the maintenance of our separate and distinct identity, and to the free exercise of our inherent self determination within our territories. Ovide Mercredi Analyze Mercredis choice of words in the quote above. How does he express who First Nations peoples are? #Social 20-1 Exploring American Identity DO AMERICANS SHARE A COLLECTIVE CONSCIOUSNESS?

American Identity: What do Americans share that makes them feel American? #Social 20-1 American Revolution (1775-1776) American feelings of nationalism and belonging grew until fighting for independence broke out The Declaration of Independence United

States Constitution Civil War (1861-1865) War between North (Union) and South (Confederate) was brutal and deadly, however in the end created a sense of unity between states #Social 20-1 Civil War (1861-1865) American Identity (contd) #Social 20-1 Civil War (1861-1865)

Union states vs Confederation states Abraham Lincolns Emancipation Proclamation Proclaimed the freedom of all slaves and made ending slavery in the South a focus of the war Is the Civil War a symbol of American nationalism for both the people of the North and of the South? Does this shared history unite Americans as a nation or divide them?

Unresolved social, political, economic, and racial tensions still exist today American Identity: Myth and Ethos The American Dream America as the land of plenty, opportunity and destiny Freedom to achieve your goals through hard work Why might the idea of the American Dream be used in expressions of American

nationalism? Is it a shared experience for many newcomers? Why or why not? What factors affect the American Dream? Does the myth of the American Dream change? The Melting Pot #Social 20-1 Assimilate to dominant culture Defenders of Democracy Why do Americans view themselves as defenders of democracy? Do others

view America as defenders of democracy? Review Questions 20-1: Chapters 4 Pause and Reflect p. 84 Pause and Reflect #3 p. 87 Respond to Ideas #1-2 p. 95 20-2 Chapter 2 Taking Turns p. 59 Think...Participate...Research...Communicate #3 p. 60 - Explain how historical, geographic, political, economic and social factors shape the development of nationalism during the French Revolution.

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