InDiPres: Distributed Digital Preservation for the Hoosier State Cinda May & Stephen Patton, Indiana State University Library OVGTSL 2018 / University of Notre Dame, May 14. 2018 The Problem Digitization for Preservation/Access vs Digital Preservation Digitization projects supported by LSTA grants, 2006-2017 Indiana Memory: 484,736 items

Hoosier State Chronicles: 500,000+ newspaper pages The need for an affordable, costeffective digital preservation solution for small to mid-sized under-resourced cultural memory organizations Courtesy of Logan Library, Rose Hulman Institute of Technology Eight Years of Conversation Courtesy of the Vigo County Historical Society May 2008 Digital Preservation Summit at ISU

September 2011 Digital Preservation Planning and Policy Creation Workshop at Indiana State Library July 2015 Preserving Indianas Memories LSTA Grant February 2016 Indiana Digital Preservation (InDiPres) founded June 2016 InDiPres: Preserving Indianas Memories LSTA Grant January-June 2017 Content Ingested into the MetaArchive Cooperative Preservation Network The Solution, Part 1: The MetaArchive Cooperative

What is the MetaArchive Cooperative? Collaborative Membership Level A digital preservation network created and hosted by and for memory organizations Allows new or existing consortia to join as one entity operating a single LOCKSS server Established in 2004 by 6 academic libraries in cooperation with the Library

of Congress NDIIPP Program Cost based on 20 participating institutions Currently incorporates 15 secure, closedaccess preservation nodes and preserves more than 200 TB of content for 60+ members Membership model has evolved and reflects the desire to provide cost effective preservation for all types of institutions Annual fee $2,500 + $100 per institution + storage ($0.59/GB ; $585/TB) Why the MetaArchive Cooperative? Tradition of outreach to small and midsized organizations Transparency of Cost Sharing of Expertise and Knowledge Opportunities to participate in grant projects and committees Courtesy of the Parke County Public Library Community based and governed Geared to institutions of all types

And 7 secure copies geographically distributed (LOCKSS) The Solution, Part 2: Hoosiers for Distributed Digital Preservation Form a membership based group of cultural memory organizations The group joins the MetaArchive Cooperative as a Collaborative Member Indiana State Library serves as the lead institution Indiana State Library Foundation serves as the fiscal agent Indiana State University Library serves as the site of LOCKSS box (i.e. network

cache) Courtesy of the Sullivan County Public Library Creating Indiana Digital Preservation (InDiPres) Initial funding through IMLS/LSTA grants, 2015-16 & 2016-17 Working group to develop membership agreement & outline governance elements 8 Open Forums on digital preservation

Foundational governance meeting MetaArchive membership & server purchase Inaugural membership meeting Courtesy of Jim Webster, Terre Haute, IN Ingest Pathways Working Group InDiPres Guidance Document & Technical Appendix Digital Preservation Policy Creation Workshop Ingest of members content into the MetaArchive Digital Preservation Network

LSTA Grant, 2015-2016: Digital Preservation Readiness Survey, September 2015 Courtesy of the Sisters of Providence of St. Mary-of-the-Woods InDiPres Working Group Indiana State Library, February 4, 2016 Two Goals: 1. Draft a membership agreement for the proposed Indiana Collaborative 2. Create an outline of elements for a governance structure for the first

foundational meeting of the proposed Indiana Collaborative Introducing InDiPres Indiana Digital Preservation The mission of Indiana Digital Preservation (InDiPres) is to collaboratively manage and sustain a low-cost, secure, and geographically distributed archive for the long term preservation of locally sponsored digital resources in Indiana.

InDiPres Membership Fee Schedule Based on a Minimum of 20 Participants Individual Participation Fee Share of Server Cost : (3 year replacement cycle, $6,000/3yr/20=$100) $100.00/year $100.00/year Share of MetaArchive Collaborative Membership Fee ($2,500/yr/20 participants=$125) Total$325.00/year

$125.00/year + Individual storage fee = $0.59/GB/year CMay / s302 Digital Preservation Open Forums, March April, 2016 March 15 Richmond (8) March 18 Crawfordsville (2) March 24 South Bend (1) April 12 Jeffersonville (6) April 13 Indianapolis (4)

April 19 Evansville (7) April 20 Greencastle (5) April 21 Fort Wayne (3) InDiPres Foundational Governance Meeting Indiana State Library, May 17, 2016 InDiPres Organization & Governance Indiana Digital Preservation is a membership organization governed by its membership. It is managed by an elected Steering Committee that represents the Membership and oversees the management and operation of InDiPres. Representatives from the Indiana State Library and Indiana State University Library serve as ex officio members.

LSTA Grant, 2016-2017 Inaugural Membership Meeting Digital Preservation Policy Creation Workshop Ingest Pathways Working Group InDiPres Guidance Document & Technical Appendix Ingest of Members Content into the MetaArchive Digital Preservation Network Courtesy of the Knox County Public Library InDiPres Inaugural Governance Meeting Lebanon Public Library, August 11, 2016

Agenda Welcome & Introductions InDiPres Governing Policy, Discussion & Vote Election of Steering Committee Officers Committee Appointments Project Updates Open Discussion / Other Business Adjournment Standing Committees: Steering

Finance Technology Outreach/Membership InDiPres Digital Preservation Policy Workshop, Indiana State Library, September 15, 2016 Matt Schultz Grand Valley State University InDiPres Ingest Pathways Working Group Indiana State Library, October 14, 2016 Three Goals:

Establish Staging Area for Content Determine Ingest Pathways Develop Guidance Document to record decisions and provide information for new and potential members InDiPres Guidance Document I. Local Management of Content: inventory, selection, metadata II. Collection Preparation for Ingest: filenames, data wrangling, ingest metadata for conspectus III. Ingest Workflow: content preparation, content transfer, ingest preparation,

MetaArchive Infrastructure, content restoration IV. Digital Preservation Policy Creation Guide V. Technical Appendix Current InDiPres Membership American Legion Auxiliary Bartholomew County Public Library Butler University Libraries DePauw University Libraries Indiana State Library (Host)

Indiana State University Library (Host)

Indianapolis Public Library Knox County Public Library Lebanon Public Library Private Academic Library Network of Indiana Parke County Public Library Logan Library, Rose Hulman Institute of Technology Sisters of Providence of Saint Mary-ofthe-Woods Archives Sullivan County Public Library Vigo County Historical Society Vigo County Public Library Challenges

Raising awareness of the difference between preservation for access and digital preservation Forming a self-sustaining, collaborative organization with a governance structure Building the membership Involving members in governance committees and activities Providing timely ingests Providing skill development training Creating local digital preservation policies and plans Courtesy of the Vigo County Historical Society

CMay / s302 Indiana State University and the MetaArchive Cooperative Indiana Digital Preservation (InDiPres) : Project Objectives Raise awareness about digital preservation through workshops and a website. Implement the InDiPres governance structure Support meetings of the InDiPres Ingest Pathways and Workflows Working Group to prepare the InDiPres Guidance Document Three-year MetaArchive Collaborative Membership Costs InDiPres Lockss server for the MetaArchive network Portable hard drives for on site harvesting Metadata Specialist salary

Staging area for data wrangling and propagation into the network Lessons in collaboration & Project Management X Website based on and instructional design platform (Co-Pi) Standard webhosting and student intern developer X Staging server removed from grant due to local procurement procedures. X Collaboration with an outside partner for hosting fell through X Staging server based on (Archival Unit of 30GB) on a 90GB windows server 2016) Portable - network attached storage (NAS) linux-ish Necessity is the mother of invention Data flow: a copy of a copy of a copy

Thank You for Your Interest! Cinda May [email protected] 812-237-2534 Stephen Patton [email protected] 812-237-3180 Courtesy of Vigo County Historical Society

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