Ethics and The professions

Ethics and The professions Chapter 4 What is a Profession Webster: a calling requiring specialized knowledge and often long and intensive academic preparation Requirements of a Professional 1. A set of highly developed skills and deep knowledge of the domain 2. Autonomy. Room to vary the say the service is provided 3.

Observance of a code of conduct: Professional code: set of guidelines provided to the professional by the profession Personal code: a set of individual moral guidelines on which professionals operate Institutional code: imposed by the institution for which the professional works Community code: community standard developed over a period of time based on either the religion or culture of the community

Codes Governing Human Actions Professional code Personal code Individual code Community code Pillars of Professionalism C O M M I T M E N T I N T

E G R I T y R E S P O N S I B I L I T Y A

C C O U N T A B I L I T Y Commitment Person making the commitment must do so willingly Person responsible must try to meet the commitment

Must be agreement on what is be done, by whom, and when Commitment must be openly and publicly stated Commitment must not be made easily Prior to the commitment, if it is clear it cannot be met, advance notice must be given and a new commitment negotiated Integrity

State of undivided loyalty to self-belief Honesty, uncompromising self-value, and incorruptible 3 maxims Vision Capacity to anticipate and make a plan that will circumvent obstacles and maximize benefits Love Love of what you do

Commitment Bond with work until it is finished Responsibility Deals with roles, tasks, actions and their ensuing consequences Depends on persons value system Various types Provider Service

Product Consequential Accountability Obligation to answer for the execution of ones assigned responsibilities 3 key elements A set of outcome measures that reliably and objectively evaluate performance minimum set of measures

A set of performance standards defined in terms of these outcome measures Set of incentives for meeting the standards and/or penalties for failing Making of an Ethical Professional: Education and Licensing Formal Education Targeted and incremental Licensing

Grants individuals formal or legal permission to practice Testing Set of Rules Can be used as control and educating instruments Enables professions to enforce their rules by law Professional Dilemma in Decision Making

Conflicting Codes of Conduct Advances in Technology Incomplete or Misleading Information Guilt Whistle-Blowing Should whistle blowing be allowed?

What circumstances should be considered? How should it be done? Would you do it? Why/why not ? Under what circumstances Harassment and Discrimination Have you ever experienced either? What did you do about it?

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