Essex, Thurrock and Southend Suicide and Selfharm Prevention ...

Schools Forum Clare Hardy Head of Commissioning, Childrens Mental Health, ECC Frederick van Heerden - Commissioning Delivery, ECC 12th October 2016 What brought us here? 2 Childrens Mental Health is a key national and local priority Partners across Southend, Essex and Thurrock recently developed

and agreed Open up, Reach out our transformation plan for the emotional wellbeing and mental health of children and young people in Southend, Essex and Thurrock. Alongside anxiety and depression, deliberate self harm and suicidal ideation were key presenting areas in Tier3 service Transformation Plan includes the Suicide/Selfharm Prevention work, as well as JSNA and some Schools engagement work through NELFT JSNA Update - Suicide Prevention 3 Social Media Trend Of 373 Web site hits, 31% were suicide neutral, 29% were antisuicide, and 11% were prosuicide.

Biddle et al.10 conducted a systematic Web search of 12 suicide-associated terms (e.g., suicide, suicide methods, how to kill yourself, and best suicide methods) to simulate the results of a typical search conducted by a person seeking information on suicide methods. Approximately half were prosuicide Web sites and sites that provided factual information about suicide. Prosuicide sites and chat rooms that discussed general issues associated with suicide most often occurred within the first few hits of a search. The remaining sites either did not load or included suicide in the title but were not suicide sites (e.g., sites for movies and novels with suicide in their title or music bands whose names included suicide). Together, these studies have shown that obtaining prosuicide information on the Internet, including

detailed information on suicide methods, is very easy. 4 Approach: 5 Project Group - partners from across Southend, Essex and Thurrock including Schools link representatives, NELFT, LCSBs, health and social care commissioners, public health, engagement teams and Educational Psychologists Reviewed the existing suicide guidance through: literature research

interviews with stakeholders focus groups with schools incorporated the outcomes of a review into recent child deaths Emerging Findings 6 Existing toolkit/guidance:

7 Content contains a wealth of information, however it should be in more user friendly format The format of the guidance could navigate you through the risk management process leading to a management plan The appendices were felt to have valuable information that needs bringing into the main body of the guidance document Content needs to be more blatant and explicit especially around suicide risk Needs to include the wider community impact Specific need for guidance around self-harm prevention The guidance is not being used as a preventative tool and there needs to be support to schools to use the guidance in a prevention approach e.g. awareness and training

Re-launch of Suicide prevention Guidance/toolkit Awareness and stigma 8 Improve awareness that self-harming behaviour might not necessarily be a mental health disorder Opportunity to link with Essex HOSC and HealthWatch who are also look at awareness around good mental health Encouraging schools to promote their Pastoral care and Emotional well-being offer to parents Schools admissions guidance to support parents to thinks about

emotional well-being in selecting schools Access to information and support 9 Support to schools around parent consent for referral Supporting schools to raise awareness and broader community conversations Emotional wellbeing guidance/portal to schools (could include lesson plans around emotional wellbeing/ referral information/

resource tools/ training available/ links to Apps and other websites) Training for schools around suicide and self-harm prevention Provide support/create peer networks Exploring with Youth service to consider dedicated website for parents and young people Resource tools that schools can share with parents/ and children Risk management toolkit to determine level of risk and need for referral Raise schools awareness of EWMHS consultation through SPA Implications for Primary schools and Independent schools Explore the role of school nurses in supporting emotional well-being in schools Data collation/ interpretation

10 Data collection: referrals received from which school to identify emerging trends to respond to EWMHS data collection of actual figures around self-harming, as well as suicidal ideation/thinking/intent and not just referral information Statistics around suicides in Tier4 facilities Near-misses Panel to gain insight? Next Steps:

11 Action plan has been developed Business as usual Proposed to LSCBs task and finish group to refresh existing suicide prevention guidance. Working with schools admissions on ensuring a focus on emotional wellbeing Exploring different data collection and the value of a near miss learning model Proposed new activity Developing Self-harm guidance Developing information portal for schools Proposed activity informing the refresh of the LTP to secure

additional funding Any Questions? 12

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