High Energy Education and Public Outreach Lynn Cominsky http://epo.sonoma.edu Now in Schulz 3rd Floor (3048-3059) E/PO staff Aurore Simonnet Scientific Illustrator

Prof. Lynn Cominsky Sarah Silva 02 Program Manager Laura Chase Project Support Assistant Dr. Phil Plait NERD Tim Graves 01

Instructional Technology Consultant E/PO Staff Schell Scivally Dakota Decker Logan Hill 06 Special Consultant Kevin McLin Ph.D. GTN Director Patrick Brown

Kevin John Prof. Gordon Spear SSUO Director Gamma-ray Large Area Space Telescope (GLAST) GLAST Burst Monitor (GBM) Large Area Telescope (LAT)

Launch in Fall 2007 Highlights Web-based materials http://glast.sonoma.edu New Space Mystery: Solar Supernova GLAST LAT Simulator Global Telescope Network http://gtn.sonoma.edu Robotic observatory in

partnership with California Academy of Sciences Highlights Printed materials 3 TOPS curriculum guides Active Galaxy wallsheet and educators guide Active Galaxy Pop-up book for younger kids Highlights PBS NOVA Monster of the Milky Way

Premiered 10/31/06 http://www.pbs.org/wgbh/nova/blackhole Seeded with GLAST E/PO funds Features HD simulations of black holes Black Holes: The Other Side of Infinity planetarium show at the Denver Museum of Nature & Science and many others Educators guide and teachers workshops to accompany both television and planetarium shows Special free showing 2/7 at Chabot write me for details if

interested in attending Swift GRB Mission Studies Gamma-Ray Bursts with a swift response Launched 11/20/04 Awarded 2007 Rossi prize by AAS/HEAD Highlights

Web-based materials http://swift.sonoma.edu Interactive skymap of GRBs http://grb.sonoma.edu Printed materials GEMS Invisible Universe guide GRB wallsheet and educators guide Swift model booklet Newtons Laws poster and activity set

X-ray Multi-Mirror Newton Launched in December, 1999 European Space Agency mission with NASA instruments and Guest Observers Large X-ray focusing mirror assembly High throughput X-ray spectroscopy Highlights

Web-based materials http://xmm.sonoma.edu CLEA Lab: Dying Stars and the Birth of the Elements Supernova educators guide in review Black Hole Space Rescue Game for younger kids (in both English and Spanish) http://spaceplace.jpl.nasa.gov/en/kids/blackhole/game.shtml http://spaceplace.jpl.nasa.gov/sp/kids/blackhole/index.shtml Educator Ambassadors

Summer training July 2006 Highlights 18 Astrophysics Educator Ambassadors Master teachers who help review, test and disseminate Astrophysics E/PO materials Trained every other year at SSU Have trained over 35,000 teachers in workshops at national, regional and state conferences since 2002 The Future

SSU leads outreach for SNAP (SuperNova Acceleration Probe) DOE/CNES study of dark energy potential NASA launch in 2013 SSU also leads outreach for EXIST, a black hole finder experiment fact sheet in English and Spanish The Future We are moving into the area of physics/astronomy

educational research Increasing the number of STEM learners Increasing the number of highly qualified physical science teachers (pilot course now offered through Extended Ed) The effects of introducing research-based learning experiences into the classroom for high-school and community college students

For more information: http://epo.sonoma.edu http://glast.sonoma.edu

http://swift.sonoma.edu http://xmm.sonoma.edu http://mystery.sonoma.edu http://grb.sonoma.edu http://gtn.sonoma.edu

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