Energy Management in The John Lewis Partnership

PART L Problem or opportunity? Bill Wright Corporate Energy and Environment Manager, John Lewis plc John Lewis and Waitrose

27 Department Stores

179 Supermarkets and growing 3 Factories Farm Leisure Facilities including a castle! ENERGY COSTS

Combined energy bill of over 35M! OUCH!!!!!! COST OF ENERGY Over the past three years 100% cost increase Straight off bottom line


ENVIRONMENT D 1kwh electricity = 0.43kg CO2 1kwh gas = 0.19kg CO2

CARING FOR OUR ENVIRONMENT D 1kwh electricity = 0.43kg CO2 1kwh gas = 0.19kg CO2

JL Oxford St produces OVER 4000 tons of CO2 each year And JL Victoria produces OVER 3000 tons OUR AIMS Build efficiently OUR AIMS

Build efficiently Reduce operating costs OUR AIMS Reduce consumption Reduce costs Reduce emissions


Applies to new build Reduce CO2 emissions Improve building performance Provide final user information SERVICES DESIGN Design for energy efficiency

Be aware of new regulations Install meters to enable 90% of energy usage to be monitored. If over 1000m2 use automatic meter reading Lighting

Use efficient lighting sources HF ballasts, T5, CDMT spotlights etc Zone and time controls essential Assess lighting level required Use natural daylight where possible Switch off lights when not required - PIR

ELECTRIC MOTORS Use efficient motors Use variable speed drives WHERE PRACTICABLE Size motor correctly ECA list?

BUILDING MANAGEMENT SYSTEMS Can control all building functions. Keep it simple! They are not the answer to everything! INFORMATION

Estimate power consumption. Provide customer with good records. Energy Log Book? PART L2B Applies to existing buildings and extensions.

Does not apply if work only involves replacement equipment, or a few additional lights to existing circuits. CONSEQUENTIAL IMPROVEMENTS! Applies to building work associated with an

existing building over 1000m2 in area. Improvements to original building of 10% of cost of additional work. Compliance can be upgrading existing services and / or controls. Upgrade lighting if necessary.

RENEWABLE ENERGY Requires renewable energy sources to be considered. Some local authorities now require a minimum 10% renewable energy sources on site for planning approval. Difficult to achieve economically


Wind power Photo-voltaic Solar Thermal Ground Source heat pumps

CHP ( Combined heating and power) Biomass boilers ECONOMICS None of renewable sources are truly economic Assess sources for customer

CONCLUSION Gain knowledge of Building Regulations requirements Design accordingly Be pragmatic Commission thoroughly all installations

Provide all necessary information. It is not that difficult!

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