EndNote and EndNote Web

Getting Started with EndNote Basic: It allows you to: Collect references from online sources or enter them manually

Access your references from any computer with internet Drop citations into your paper as you type in MS Word Choose the referencing system that is required for your assignment Share collections of references with specified colleagues

First go to: www.myendnoteweb.com

Click on the Sign up link Your initial sign up must be on a computer within the TU Dublin City Campus domain.

After that you may use it from anywhere. Enter your details and choose a password and youll be sent a confirmation email.

Some basic instruction is available in the Getting Started Guide. To get the full benefit from EndNote you will need to download a patch to any

computer you will be using it on. To do this: Click on Downloads.

Follow the instructions here to capture items from the web. This patch will place the EndNote tab in MS

Word, regardless of the browser you are using Use this patch if youre using an Apple

computer. Once installed, the patch will Install the EndNote Cite While You

Write (CWYW) toolbar in MS Word. You can simply drag the Capture Reference tool to your bookmarks bar. This will allow you to capture references

you find online into your Endnote library. Main ways of getting references into EndNote Web: 1. Search TU Dublin Library Catalogue 2. Export from a database which links with EndNote Web

3. Enter reference manually 4. Use the Capture Reference tool to capture something you discover online To search TU Dublin

Librarys catalogue first click on the Collect tab and select Online Search.

When you enter this area for the first time youll need to customise the list by clicking Select Favourites.

From the list on the left, find and select TU Dublin Library and click Copy to Favourites.

Now, you can choose TU Dublin Library from the drop down list. Then click Connect

Carry out your search as normal First, check the reference(s) you want

to save Then, select which of your reference groups to add the references to

These references are now saved to EndNote. Searching a database

with a direct link to EndNote Web 1: ScienceDirect Carry out your search as normal

Check the references you wish to save then click on Export In the drop down list you shouldnt need

to change anything. Just click Export. A file will be downloaded to your computer

(This example was done using the Google Chrome browser) In EndNote click on collect then Import References.

You should find the file in your computers downloads folder. For Import Option select

RefMan RIS. Then choose which folder to save it to. The references are now in

your EndNote collection. Searching a database with a direct link to EndNote Web

2: Web of Science Carry out your search as normal As before, check the article youre interested in.

Then click the Save to EndNote online button. To export records youll need to be registered on

Web of Science. Youll notice the EN logo beside the records that

youve exported. Searching a database with a direct link to EndNote Web

3. EBSCO databases Carry out your search as normal.

Choose the article you wish to export by clicking on the title or on PDF Full Text.

Select the Export option from the Tools menu.

Select the option to Direct Export to EndNote Web and click Save. Your citation should then export directly to your

EndNote account. Searching a database with a direct link to EndNote Web

4. Emerald Database Carry out your search as normal.

In your results screen check the article(s) you wish to export. Select Download citation

from the drop down menu. Select RIS (ProCite, Reference Manager) and then click Download article

citation data. The RIS file is downloaded. You can import this to your EndNote library as

explained in slides 25-27. Sometimes you will need to enter records manually

into EndNote. If this is the case click on Collect then New Reference From the drop down list

Select the appropriate reference type Dont worry about filling every field but make sure

to enter all the information you have. Using

with To enter a reference, first select the EndNote tab.

Enter your EndNote login. To avoid having to login repeatedly, click on

Preferences and under the Application tab enter your login details and check the box beside Remember my address

and password. Select Insert Citations Enter a search term for the

reference you seek and hit Find. When you find the correct reference click insert

This will: 1: Enter a citation in brackets at the point where the cursor is located. 2: Begin constructing a bibliography at the end of the document. If youd like to have a title for

the bibliography click on the bibliography preferences Click on the Layout tab

Type your preferred title in The Bibliography title box Choose the appropriate referencing style from

the Style drop down list. Once you have decided which style you need to use you shouldnt really need to change this again.

How to save information you come across online.

First click on Downloads then simply grab the Capture reference tab and drag it to your bookmarks

bar When you find something interesting online, click the Capture Reference button.

If you get an error message like the one above youll need to go into tools and turn off your

pop-up blocker. This will open an EndNote template. It will probably contain some of the

articles details but you will need to complete it. It will then be sent to your EndNote library.

If you are having any problems with EndNote Web or you wish to arrange some instruction please contact your home Library: Aungier Street: [email protected] or 01 402 3068 Bolton Street: [email protected] or 01 402 3681 Cathal Brugha Street: [email protected] or 01 402 4424

Grangegorman: [email protected] or 01 402 4108 Kevin Street: [email protected] or 01 402 4894/2855 Rathmines: [email protected] or 01 2205236 Or simply drop in.

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