Elizabeth Lesson 10: Exploration and Sailors

STARTER QUIZ TASK: Please write down the title, and 1-9 in your margin on a new sheet of paper. 1. Who were the impotent poor? 2. Who could attend Elizabethan theatre? 3. Who were the central powers? 4. Who was the most famous Elizabethan playwright? 5. What percentage increase had there been in food prices by 1603?

6. When was the Globe Theatre built? 7. Who were the triple entente? 8. Which group assassinated Archduke Frans Ferdinand? 9. Who were the idle poor? Last lesson = 1 pt Last week = 2 pt Last term = 3 pt Last lesson = 1 pt

Last week = 2 pt Last term = 3 pt 1. . Poor who were unable to provide for themselves (too young, too ill, too old) 2. Anyone from any social class 3. Austria and Germany 4. William Shakespeare 5. Over 500% 6. 1599

7. France, Russia and Britain 8. The blackhand gang 9. Dishonest people, beggars, vagabonds 1. Give yourself a score out of 18 2. In a green pen, you are going to write down which topic you need to develop you understanding of (The poor; Fashion and Theatre; Causes of World War I) 3. For next lesson you need to create revision material on that topic. In that next lesson, you will be given a new quiz just on the topic you are revising. ELIZABETH LESSON 10: EXPLORATION AND SAILORS Even better: Good learning: Great learning:

Understand why the Elizabethans became great explorers Explain the significance of Drake, Hawkins and Raleigh Key Words: Evaluate the consequences of exploration on Englands wealth and reputation ELIZABETHAN EXPLORATION At the start of the 15th century much of the world as we know it had

yet to be discovered by Europeans It was believed that the world was flat However, there were trade links beyond Europe as there was a great demand for luxury goods (spices, silks, perfumes etc.,) Such items were highly prized as they were brought from the Far East over land on the backs of camels, so it took a long time to transport them and they were expensive UNDERSTAND WHY THE ELIZABETHANS BECAME GREAT EXPLORERS Problems in the East- the Turkish Ottoman Empire that was hostile to Christian Europe was making it difficult and expensive to import luxury goods such as spices, incense, silks, cottons and perfumes from the east. It was feared that they may cut off trade between the East and Europe completely

Problems in the East - transport was slow especially from the east where they were brought to the Mediterranean by camel (slower than boats and could not carry as much). The Ottomans also placed high taxes on all goods passing through their territory Why would the above encourage Elizabethans to become explorers? UNDERSTAND WHY THE ELIZABETHANS BECAME GREAT EXPLORERS NEW INVENTIONS & IDEAS This was the age of the Renaissance which encouraged learning and also a spirit of adventure The world was not flat but round, so you could probably get to the far east by

going North past Russia or South past Africa The printing press- made maps and other geographical literature more widely available The astrolabe meant a ships position could be plotted accurately The magnetic compass was developed Small easier to steer ships were developed Triangular lateen sail meant ships could now sail in which ever direction they EUROPEAN EXPLORERS AND THE NEW WORLD P54 Create a mind map giving detail on: To the East To the West and European Empires. Challenge why would the English want to join in with Exploration THE ENGLISH JOIN IN

Privateers What essentially were Privateers? Trading Companies Name Formed Places traded Create a tableYear of the Trading Companies with Goods traded What impact would this development have on the standard of living in England? Route to China Which route to China was very dangerous?

Trade with the New World COMPUTER LESSON You are going to carry out research into three key English sailors: John Hawkins Sir Francis Drake Sir Walter Raleigh You need to produce A time line of their Lives A fact file about them Evaluation the positive and negative of their actions ENGLISH SAILORS: HAWKINS AND DRAKE https://www.bbc.co.uk/education/guides/zy68tyc/revision/5 http://www.historyextra.com/period/life-of-the-week-sir-fra ncis-drake/

http://www.history.com/news/10-things-you-may-not-know- about-francis-drake http://www.bbc.co.uk/devon/content/articles/2007/01/18/a bolition_plymouth_slave_trade_feature.shtml http://www.historylearningsite.co.uk/tudor-england/sir-john -hawkins/ ENGLISH SAILORS: THE ROLE OF RALEIGH http://www.bbc.co.uk/history/historic_figures/raleigh_walter.shtml http://www.historylearningsite.co.uk/tudor-england/sir-walter-raleigh/ http://www.britishexplorers.com/woodbury/raleigh.html

FLIP LEARNING Study pages 53-60, draw a mind map to summarise the key features of Elizabethan exploration, Use these 3 branches: - Causes reasons that the Elizabethans became great explorers Achievements with specific examples Consequences how the explorations affected Englands reputation or wealth

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