Elements of Design

Color Harmony Which colors look good together? 2015 Borrowed Unknown original author. Modified by Mrs.

Color Harmony Colors seen together to produce a pleasing affective response are said to be in harmony. Color Wheel Consists of Primary Colors

Secondary Colors Intermediate Colors Primary Colors Foundation of Color Wheel Yellow Red

Blue Secondary Colors Combination of any two of primary colors Orange Green Violet

Intermediate Colors Formed by combining primary and secondary colors

Red-Orange Yellow-Orange Yellow-Green Blue-Green Blue Violet

Red-Violet Color Combinations Monochromatic Harmony Uses two or more tones in ONE color Monochromatic Marcel Duchamp

Nude Descending a Staircase #2 24 X 14 Philadelphia Museum of Art New York Color Combinations

Analogous Harmony Uses colors next to each other on the color wheel Not much contrast serene-feeling designs makes viewer feel comfortable Analogou

s Paul Klee Viaducts Break Ranks 20 X 16 Kunshalle, Hamburg Color Combinations

Complementary Harmony Uses 2 colors directly opposite on the color wheel Used to create high contrast Use sparingly Complementary Pablo Picasso Lobster and Cat

20 1/8 X 25 J.K. Thannhauser Collection New York Color Combinations Split Complements Harmony Colors on each side of the

complement High contrast, but has less tension than complementary Good for beginners, it is difficult to mess up lit Complements Claude Monet

Tulips in Holland 19 X 24 Louvre, Paris Color Combinations Triad Harmony 3 colors that are evenly

spaced around the color wheel let one color dominate and use the two others for accent Triadic Stuart Davis Figure Five in Gold

25 X 20 Metropolitan Museum of Art New York Color Combinations Neutral Colors Black, White and Gray May be used with any color or

combination of color Color Moods Warm Colors: indicates aggression, excitement and danger RED YELLOW

ORANGE Red is considered most active of the three Color Moods Cool Colors: associated with nature

and passiveness BLUE GREEN VIOLET Questions Which color combination uses colors next to each other on the the color wheel? Analogous Harmony

Which colors convey excitement? Red, yellow, orange Which color harmony would be a good choice for high contrast? Complementary Harmony

Questions Name the Primary Colors. Yellow, Blue, Red Which color harmony uses 3 colors evenly spaced from one another? Triad Which color harmony uses shades

of 1 color? Monochromatic Questions Name the Cool colors. Blue Green Violet

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