Editing- Improving our Writing.

EditingImproving our Writing. To understand how writing can be improved by checking and making changes. This piece of work needs correcting or editing. There are mistakes in the punctuation and spelling. the gardean angle

by Karen Broad age 7 . the angle was yelow and golden it had siver wings and a prety dres it floted on a litle wite clowd up in the skie the angle watchd over the gril as she sleeped in her cozy warm bed Look at this piece of writing, can you correct the errors by editing the sentences? Check the spellings and the punctuation!

the gril woked up sudenly and she loked at the prety angle on the clowd I shall mak a wish the gril wisperd to herself the girl new that the angle would mak it come tru L.O. To understand how writing can be improved by checking and making changes. Each group will be given a separate

part of the story to edit. Read it carefully to make sense of the sentences. Check the punctuation and spelling. Set it out neatly on the page. Best joined handwriting needed! L.O. To improve the detail of a story to make it more interesting for the reader. The magical angel was glittering and

golden it had silver, sparkling wings and a shimmering dress. It hovered on a fluffy, feathery cloud up in the midnight atmosphere. The mystic angel gazed quietly over the girl as she slept in her queensized, quilted bed. Remember to add powerful verbs, adverbs and description. The girl woke up suddenly and she

looked at the pretty angel on the cloud. I shall make a wish, the girl whispered to herself. The girl knew that the angel would make it come true.

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