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E-books @ UCN Libraries What are E-books? An electronic book (e-book, ebook, digital book) is a book-length publication in digital form, consisting of text, images, or both. Many different formats and readers. The

most popular is the epub format Most popular readers: Kindle, Nook, tablets, smartphones and pcs. Does UCN Have E-books? Yes, UCN Libraries has over 120,000 Subjects covered are: the Humanities, Social Sciences, Health and Science.

These items can be found in the Library Catalogue. How Do Students Use E-books? Use table of contents/index to location information Copy & paste information into another document

Print pages from document Download e-book to their computer/ flashdrive Copy/Print limits is 15% of total book Finding E-books Ebook icon

Click on URL to open up ebook. Selecting only E-books After searching a topic, left side under Genre gives you the number of e-books Click on it and screen will display only e books for your topic.

Ebooks Viewing an ebook Click on URL to open Use Table of Contents

Copying From E-book Hightlight or select text Press Copy icon on toolbar Copy window opens showing selected text Press Control-C Paste information into new document Citation

added automatically to end of pasted Downloading an E-book You will need an ebrary account You will need Adobe Digital Editions on

your pc You will need an Adobe ID or account Adobe Digital Editions needs to be authorized for your pc Creating an Ebrary

Account To create an ebrary account: 1.Click the Sign-in button in the upper right corner. 2.On the Sign In page, click Create an account. 3.Complete the form, and then click Create New Account.

4.Fill out the form, accept ebrarys conditions and press Create Account. Troubleshooting Adobe Digital Editions doesnt always recall your authorization. You may have to de-authorize your computer and re-authorize it again

E-books are only available for 14 days. The file will self-corrupt on your device. Enjoy!

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