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Dispositions to Learn A practical approach in a school/classroom setting. Learning Dispositions: A Context Every child and young person is entitled to develop skills for learning, skills for life and skills for work, with a continuous focus on literacy and numeracy

and health and wellbeing Curriculum for Excellence will support all children and young people in developing skills which they will use throughout their life and in their work, including the development of pre-vocational, enterprise and employability skills, personal skills, high levels of cognitive skills and the opportunity to put learning into a practical context.

Building the Curriculum 3 p18 Learners are ready, willing and able to learn in a range of ways and have a sense of being in control of their learning. Learning Dispositions Recognising

Successful Learners (everyone) Making the connections Making the connections Imaginative, spontaneous and innovative

Impact Next Steps Next Steps Feedback from pupil focus group: Facilitate greater pupil ownership: Challenge,

Modify, Progress Once an attribute has been introduced the children are to take a bigger lead on recognising success. Keep it fresh: e.g. Class Dojo

Further reinforce the link to CfE Know Thy Impact When teachers demonstrate positive dispositions to learn they will have a powerful influence of the children they teach.

Be aware: be explicit when we are modelling any of the dispositions. The children may need to see them in action to help them formulate: What does it sound like? What does it look like? What does it feel like? .

Reflect & Consider Yesterday, in your class what learning dispositions did you model, feedback on, explore or recognise? Resilience Independence Concentration

Creativity Self Motivation Communication Optimism Persistence Curiosity ?

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