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Denmark Misconception about Denmark Interesting Facts on Denmark Comparisons Denmark Area: 46,094 Sq. Km Population: 5,543,453

Government: Constitutional Monarchy Helle Thorning- Schmidt, from the Social Democrats is the Prime Minister GDP: $208.8 billion

Czech Republic Area: About 25,000 less km than Czech republic Population: 10,177,300 Government: Parliamentary Democracy

GDP: $272.2 Billion Geography and Climate 46,094 Sq. Km. Composed of 406 several islands Smallest of the Scandinavian countries Rainy, humid, overcast, windy winters and cool summers

A Little Bit of History Unification of the country in d. 987 by Harold I Bluetooth. Viking Age, c. 800-1100 Queen Margrethe I of Denmark united Denmark, Norway, and Sweden in 1397 During WW2 Germany invaded both Norway and Denmark Became part of the United Nations in 1945, NATO in 1949 and the European Community (now the EU) in 1972

History of Scandinavia (Sweden,Norway,Denmark) Economy Member of the EU Kroner Free health care, and subsidized child and elder care Modern market economy High-tech agricultural sector

World-leading firms in pharmaceuticals, maritime shipping and renewable energy High dependence on foreign trade Involvement in the EU Footnote member Within the EU, Denmark is among the strongest supporters of trade liberalization

Denmark will occupy the EU presidency during the first half of 2012 People Population: 5.4 Million Language: Danish, Faroese, Greenlandic (an Inuit dialect), German (small minority)

Religion: Evangelical Lutheran (official) 95%, other Christian (includes Protestant and Roman Catholic) 3%, Muslim 2% Attend church on a regular basis Culture Interdependent Individualistic Nation Equality

Happiest place on earth Relaxed approach to life Emotional expressiveness and outlandish behavior Italians of Scandinavia Danish Food Breakfast(morgenmad): Coffee, bread

Lunch(frokost): Open-faced sandwiches Dinner(aftensmad): American influence, soup, seafood and variations of meat Dessert: Danish, cookies and layered cake Conducting Business High tax Janteloven Hierarchy of Business

Labor Market Flexicurity Still having troubles with unemployment due to the recession Need to Know Business Facts Communication Direct Interrupt

Humor Consensus Punctuality is very important Danish Quiz 1. Its okay to make jokes about the Royal Family 2. There is no word for please in Danish.

3. Danes are very competitive workers. 4. Danish business life is marked by a guild system. 5. Danish have a laidback business style. Answers 1. False. One should not criticize the Royal Family as Danes are very proud of their monarchy

and look up to Queen Margrethe II. 2. True. Instead, the listener has to rely on context and intonation to understand what is meant. 3. False. Although Danes are very efficient workers, they would rather co-operate than take a very competitive stance. Despite working hard, the business style is rather laidback. This also underlines the importance of the family life in Denmark. 4. True. The guild system is an association of skilled workers in special fields. Unemployment pay is provided so

the labor market is rather inflexible and jobs are quite stable. 5. True. Danes also have a lot of patience and will spend as Christmas Luncheon Julefrokost Business family References

world-factbook/geos/da.html ary/culture/doing-business-in/Doing%20Busin ess%20in%20Denmark.pdf ark/History/ FAD-227C-4C99-8999-59E160377338/0/Histo ry.pdf A0857732.html Germany Area: 357,022 sq km People and Society Population: 81,305,856 Ethnic Groups:

German: 91.5%, Turkish: 2.4%, other (Greek, Italian, Polish, Serb, Spanish): 6.1% Religions: Protestant: 34%, Roman Catholic: 34%, Muslim 3.4%, unaffiliated or other: 28.3% Government

Capital: Berlin Government type: Federal Confederation 16 states: act independently of one another Current President: Horst Seehofer Previous President: Christian Wulff Economy 5th largest economy in the world Europes largest economy Europes largest exporter economy

machinery, vehicles, chemicals, and household equipment GDP: $3.085 trillion History Defeated by Hermann the Great- 109 BC Detested these uncouth people German- derogatory term

Frederick the Great- 1740-1780 Strong Prussia emerged Integration of small kingdoms - 1871 History First Reich 8th Century rule of Charlemagne Leader of the Holy Roman Empire Second Reich Becomes nation for the first time- 1871

Marked by militarism and economic growth Emphasis on education and culture History Third Reich Hitler World War II Hitler's speech Postwar Evolution 1945- Allies take over

Marshall Plan of 1947 1980s- antimilitaristic German Symphony Created in German territories in the 16th century Famous Composers: Haydn, Mozart, Bach, Handel, Beethoven,

Brahms Beethoven German Symphony Orchestra- single instruments united society Conductor- brings instruments together leader

How is Germany like a symphony? Diversity of musical instruments Positional arrangements of musicians Conductor or leader Precision and synchronicity Unified sound Unfinished nature of genre Diversity of Musical Instruments

Diversity of Musical Instruments Divided into variety of ethnic and religious groups Each group has evolved separately Number of foreigners: Before WWII- 500,000 After WWII- 6.7 million

Diversity of Musical Instruments Germany not a melting pot Families stay in same geographic region and even same house Dont interact with strangers Treat foreigners with wariness Diversity of

Musical Instruments Geography South (Bavaria): sunny and warm Heavily Catholic North: cold

Protestant City Frankfurt: like American City Most diverse city Dorfen: small village Positional Arrangement of Musicians Positional

Arrangement of Musicians Crowded Germany: 230.5 residents per sq kilometer US: 31.7 residents per sq kilometer Home (das Heim) as

a haven Conductors and Leaders Conductors and Leaders Frederick the Great created basis of German

nation Well-rounded: studied art, music, and literature Wrote poetry, played the flute, and composed sonatas

Epitome of great German leader Conductors and Leaders Like Frederick, German CEOs are well- rounded and independent 75% of German Industrial CEOs hold doctorates

Manage by pushing subordinates to perform but do not hover Precision and Synchronicity Precision and Synchronicity Conscious of time and efficient allocation Tardiness unacceptable Preferably show up 5 minutes before

Meetings and negotiations long and have well-marked stages Precision and Synchronicity Communication: Directly express ideas both in written or oral form Very literal

Problem Solving: Use deductive thinking: relies on past history and theory Precision and Synchronicity Festivals and Celebrations Typical festivals: beer drinking, abundant food, brass bands, dancing, and colorful parades Sporting Events Tennis

Soccer Unfinished Symphony Unfinished Symphony Continuation of population diversity Generational clashes Leadership roles EU and NATO

Doing Business in Germany Take-aways Show up 5 minutes early Start with history Be prepared for a long meeting Get to the point Comparison

Germany Area: 257,022 sq km Population: 81,305,856 Government: Federal Confederation GDP: $3.085

trillion Czech Republic Area: 78,867 sq km Population: 10,177,300 Government: Parliamentary Democracy GDP: $272.2 billion

Ireland General Republic of Ireland Northern Ireland is considered part of the United Kingdom Constitutional Parliamentary Republic Population of 4,581,269 according to the

2011 census Part of the European Union as well as the Euro Zone General Capital City is Dublin 44% claim they attend Sunday Mass regularly and 90% claim they are Catholic Religious aspects could play into some types of

business Current president is Michael D. Higgins. Took office in November 2011. Geography and Climate Covers approximately 5/6 of the island of

Ireland Western part is cliffs and mountains Central part is lowlands Emerald Isle Scenery _HfH60-c0 Early History

The Celts conquered Ireland around 700 B.C. Ireland was split into various kingdoms. Had a Golden Age of learning and scholarship Viking started raiding the coast of Ireland around 800 AD. Brian Boru English Involvement Potato Famine

History Easter Revolution of 1916 War for Independence from 1919-1922 Anglo-Irish Treaty established Republic of Ireland Formation of IRA Michael Collins Partition of Ireland in 1920 Civil War from 1922-1923 Officially withdrew from Commonwealth

in 1949 Became a member of UN in 1955 Did poorly economically until the 1980s Culture Folk Music Literature James Joyce

St. Patricks Day Stepdance gg Mythology Leprechauns Religion

The role of the Catholic Church has been diminished, but still quite prevalent. The national school system is still under the control of the Church. (Catholic or Protestant) Costs are lower, but religion is thoroughly woven into education. Religion

The Church is able to instill their beliefs starting at a young age. 44% of Irish say that they attend Sunday Mass regularly and 90% claim Catholicism. Divorce was only legalized in 1997 and abortion is illegal. Irish Conversation Oppression by English

As a result conversation has a place of great importance in Irish culture. Vivid imagery is to be expected. Gaelic is the official language of Ireland, English is more widespread. When gathering to eat, conversation can be more important than food that is being eaten. Irish Conversation

Family meals are considered to be a very important component of family life. Family members talk about their days Superficial conversations are not appreciated Weddings and Wakes The Pub Music is very important Irish Folk, Chieftains

Economy Strong GDP per capita. Has fallen over the past couple years due to the economic crisis One of the wealthiest nations per capita in the European Union. 5th out of 27

Highly developed nation Part of the EU and the Eurozone However, banking crisis of 2008 hit Ireland hard Banking Crisis Ireland had expanded rapidly from 1997- 2007, known as the Celtic Tiger years.

Hit hard by the financial crisis of 2008, still in uncertain economic times. Included in the infamous P.I.I.G.S. after 2008. The term is banned by some organizations. Bank bailouts were more than the economy of Ireland could sustain. Banking Crisis As of April 2011, Irelands debt has been

reduced to junk status. Uncertainty for the future, there is a chance that a second bailout will be necessary. Having such a large amount of debt has cause emigration. Conducting Business Personal Relationships A company that already has an existing relationship with suppliers would help things

go smoother. Humor is used in business Punctuality is essential Conducting Business Decisions can take a long time Horizontal hierarchy Some division Board of Directors make decisions

Dont call them British or English Comparison Ireland Area: 70,273 sq km Population: 4,581,269 Government: Constitutional Parliamentary

Republic GDP: $212.8 billion Czech Republic Area: 78,867 sq km Population: 10,177,300 Government: Parliamentary Democracy

GDP: $272.2 billion Sources ary/culture/doing-business-in/Doing_Business _in_Ireland.pdf /2011/0711/1224300497041.html

ness.html nd Czech Republic ---heart of Europe screen&NR=1 Basic information Population: 10,562,214 (2011) Area: 78,866km2 Neighbors: Germany, Poland, Austria, Slovakia Time zone: UTC+1

Capital: Prague Official language: Czech Government: Parliamentary republic Currency: Czech koruna (CZK) Coat of arms Economy GDP: $218.363 billion (2011) Main industries: machinery manufactory, chemical

industry, metallurgy, glass-making, beer brewing Developed, high-income economy : GDP per capita of 80% of the European average Free trade: EU member, WTO member, joined Schengen Area Plan to adopt euro by 2013 Main export partners: EU, esp. Germany Tourism contribution

Czech Products Bo he ga mia rn et n Skoda auto Bohemian

glass Pilsner, Budweiser International Expansion for Krispy Kreme

Doughnuts & Coffee since July 1937 From a secret yeast-raised doughnut recipe of a New Orleans French chef Products: doughnuts, coffee & beverages, iced drinks & Kool Kreme Around the world: USA, Canada, Mexico, Australia, China, Japan, Korea, Indonesia, Malaysia, Middle East, Philippines, Thailand, Turkey, UK, Puerto Rico

Krispy Kreme for Czech Dessert-lovers Open to diversity Tourism attraction brings international

customers: 6.3 million foreign tourists 2010 Expansion of European market Resources: c/Tradition creen&NR=1

Total Global Strategy Chapter 4 ---Designing Global Products and Service Designing Globalized products and services Which? How? Where?

Designing Global Products and Service 4.1 4.2 4.3 4.4 4.5 Benefits of Global Products and Services Drawbacks of Global Products and Services

Global Standardization in Service Business When to Use Global Products and Services Developing Global Products and Services Global products The idea of fully standardized global product that is identical all over the world is a near myth that has caused great confusion. Better approach: standardizing the core product or larger

part of it while customizing peripheral or other parts. McDonald's Burger 4.1 Benefits of Global Products and Services Cost reduction o o development, sourcing, production, inventory division and concentration economies of scale

Improved quality o financial and management resources being focused Enhanced customer preference o o

frequently consumed products at home and abroad travel-related consumer services Competitive leverage s benefits Enhanced customer preferencefrequently repurchased Recognition by customers over the world

Standardized products with locally tailored doughnut series 4.2 Drawbacks of Global Products and Services Partially sacrificed national needs Key: satisfy the most important common needs of the most important markets 4.3 Global Standardization in Service Business

Easy to globalize and localize eg. McDonald in India-Veggie Burgers; in Britaintea and coffee; in France and Germany-beer 4.4 When to Use Global Products and Services 4.4.1 Market Globalization Drivers Common customer needs Global customer 4.4.2 Cost Globalization Drivers

Global scale economies High product development cost/fast changing technology 4.4 When to Use Global Products and Services (continued) 4.4.3 Government Globalization Drivers Favorable trade policies Compatible technical standards 4.4.4 Competitive Globalization Drivers for

Global products 4.5 Developing Global Products and Services Two ways: 1st: developing products and services with the global market in mind (preferred) 2nd: adapting existing products or services (more common)

Czech food Lunch is very importantsoup, main course, and dessert. Big meat & potato peoplepork, beef, chicken are popular; goose, duck, rabbit and wild game are served; fish and seafood are rare Strong and salty taste Beer for every meal

Desserts are not particularly sweet, frequently contain poppy seeds Hints for Adjust the sweetness Add local elementspoppy seeds doughnuts Review 4.1 4.2

4.3 4.4 4.5 Benefits of Global Products and Services Drawbacks of Global Products and Services Global Standardization in Service Business When to Use Global Products and Services Developing Global Products and Services

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