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ASL 2 Deaf World VOCABULARY REVIEW Deixis PRONOUNS: Personal, Possessive, Reflexive (Honorific) Manual Alphabet - Lexicalized signs NMS: Y-N- WH-YN- RHQ General to Specific- Syntax- T-T-C-[N] Time tenses-PAST, PRESENT, FUTURE Parameters [5] CULTURE Perspectives on Deafness:[D]- Cultural vs [d]Pathological Communicating within the Deaf Community:

Greetings, Repetition/Help, Leave taking, Confirm & Correct, Gaining Attention Deaf Peddlers Sign Variations CODA- SODA- KODA Intro to Deaf Art and Artists- DeVIA Pair and SHARE: RECALL CHALLENGES WHAT IS DEIXIS? What is the appropriate HANDSHAPE for deixis? List as many PERSONAL pronouns as you can recall. What is the appropriate HANDSHAPE for a PERSONAL PRONOUN?

Construct examples demonstrating your best GLOSS. List as many POSSESSIVE pronouns as you can. What is the appropriate HANDSHAPE for a POSSESSIVE PRONOUN? Construct examples demonstrating your best GLOSS. Personal Pronouns REFLEXIVE PRONOUNS MYSELF, HIMSELF, HERSELF, YOURSELF, YOURSELVES ( pl ) OURSELVES, THEMSELVES 1) I drove myself to the game yesterday. 2) The math class cleaned the park by themselves. 3) Did you eat all the chocolate by yourself? 4) Tomorrow Joes going shopping by himself.

5) Jena is running by herself tomorrow. What is the appropriate handshape for a REFLEXIVE PRONOUN? Honorific PRONOUNS 12345- Good evening I am your new CEO. Please welcome the graduating class of 2016. Tonights guest speaker is Principal Lynch. I want to introduce the Honorable Judge Wyatt. These brave men fought the fire for 3 days! EXPLAIN THE CORRELATIONS Compare the Personal

Possessive Commonalities : Reflexive Honorific What is the correct term for the ASL ALPHABET? Pair and SHARE: 1 MINUTE CHALLENGE When should you implement FS?

TOP 10: FS- Dos and Donts LEXICALIZED SIGNS: List as many as possible How are LEXICALIZED signs identified on paper? When to FS PROPER Noun- specific name of a person, place or thing EX: boy= RALPH place=store= PUBLIX thing=car= LEXUS Lexicalized Signs # #ALL

#GAY #OT- overtime #APT #GO










#FUN #OR Pair and SHARE: RECALL CHALLENGES How do NMSignals function in ASL? Identify the 4 essential NMSs from ASL 1: Y-yes N-no YN Question WH Question Construct examples!

Demonstrating your best GLOSS. (+)What is a mouth MORPHEME in ASL? Rhetorical Questions What NMS are associated with RHQ? Construct[5] examples demonstrating your best ASL gloss. Pair and SHARE: RECALL CHALLENGES

Define SYNTAX- add it to your MUST KNOW vocab list One common ASL grammar syntax rule is _____. TIME- TOPIC- COMMENT- NEGATION When describing or giving directions a SYNTAX rule is ________. GENERAL to SPECIFIC ASL General to Specific Practice Art of Interpreting- Ch2- Setting the Stage 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7.

8. 9. 10. I live in apartment 322 on the third floor. The cat sleeps on the chair in the family room. The girl is in Spanish class next to the library. The boy likes to play ball in the park. The three bears live in a cottage in the woods The towels are in the closet in the bathroom. The clothes are in the dresser in my bedroom. The plants are in the garden in the back yard. The tape is on the desk in the study. The newspaper is on the table in the kitchen. How are TENSES determined in ASL? LIST GENERAL TIME SIGNS:


Translate into ASL gloss and then indicate the appropriate TIME. 1. Last week I played tennis. 2. Once upon a time there was a girl named Little Red Riding Hood. 3. My brother and I have a doctor appointment next month. 4. After college I plan to move to New York. 5. Yes, I am here at school today. Basic ASL Syntax: Using FINISH Basic ASL Syntax: Using FINISH Gloss using FINISH. 1- My dad made dinner. 2- Sally wrote her English paper. 3- Randy read a book. 4- I completed my homework. 5- I ran two miles.

The FIVE PARAMETERS1. 2. 3. 4. 5. Why is this information valuable? Identify the [5] parameters of every sign Vocabulary Word _________ Dominant Nondominant

_________ Dominant Nondominant _________ Dominant Nondominant _________ Dominant Nondominant _________ Dominant Nondominant Handshape Palm

Orientation Location Movement NM Markers Sign Variations Deaf Cultural Terminolgy CODA- SODA- KODA JOURNAL: [1] New/interesting concept and [1] Concept that needs clarification

(D)eaf or (d)eaf Explain how you can be hearing and considered Deaf? OR You could be deaf and considered hearing? *Deaf vs deaf PPT- to follow up if needed DEAF CULTURE REVIEW What would you consider to be ESSENTIAL elements/information

related to Deaf culture? Activity or norm Video Review: MABRY 1)Methods of gaining attention 2)Awakening someone 3)Room lighting 4)Personal space required to facilitate COMMUNICATION 5)Necessity of visual contact

6)PHYSICAL CONTACT FOR GREETINGS/ COMMUNICATION INTERACTIONS/ comfort level 7)How much information is SHARED VS PRIVATE PERSONAL 8)DIRECT COMMUNICATION VS IMPLIED or subtle communication techniques 9)CONVERSATION ETIQUETTErules for being polite while conversing NOTES: DEAF way Hearing way

Deaf Arts and Artists- PG 140-141 DeVia: Deaf View/Image Art De'VIA is created when the artist intends to express their Deaf experience through visual art. De'VIA may also be created by deafened or hearing artists, if the intention is to create work that is born of their Deaf experience (a possible example would be a hearing child of Deaf parents). It is clearly possible for Deaf artists not to work in the area of De'VIA.

Deaf Arts and Artists- PG 140-141 INTRODUCTION: Chuck Baird: artist who includes Deaf culture and ASL in his work NTD- Deaf West: Theater companies who perform classical and Deaf related plays Douglas Tilden: sculptor who is not known for including Deaf cultural features but he is internationally known for his art. Tony Landon: Native American who incorporates ASL and culture in his work Deaf FILMS: Love is Never Silent/ ASL FILMS Children of a Lesser God- Emmy Award Winning Dr. Betty Miller: famous for Deaf expressive arts Introduction: MAIN IDEA? There are all types of Deaf art and artists. DeVia MINI Project

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