Day 1 Synonyms

L.O. To understand how authors make imaginative comparisons. Example He wriggled like a worm. This is called a simile Similes When we say something is like something else we are using a simile.

Similes They contain the words like or as. can be used to make our writing more interesting or humorous. Can you complete these similes? As warm. as toast. As slow. as a tortoise. As quick.

as lightning. As cool. as a cucumber. Can you link the ideas below to make similes? Her face was Ellas eyes He bolted out of the room Grandmothers false teeth The children ran like a runaway horse. gleamed like pearls.

as round as the full moon. like charging bulls. sparkled like diamonds. The Sun similes To create your own simile poem first collect things that the sun is similar to in shape, colour, feel etc. A ball A coin A crown

A dandelion A light bulb An explosion gold lemon butter happiness

A canary A daffodil A wish Begin to write similes using like or as The sun is like a golden ring tossed into a clear sky. The sun is like warm butter melting on toast. The sun gleams like a bolt of happiness. The sun is as gentle as the petals of a daffodil.

L.O. To understand how authors make imaginative comparisons. Tasks today. Guided Create your own sun simile poem. Make a monster simile poem. Phonics ar or words. * Know what a simile is. * Think of a comparison. * Write a descriptive simile sentence. Plenary. Monster

poems L.O. To understand how authors make imaginative comparisons. Example The snow was a white carpet covering the land. This is called a metaphor So what are metaphors?

A metaphor is an unusual way of describing something. A metaphor says something is something else. e.g. Tony is a tower of strength. Louise is green with envy. Wayne Rooney is a goal machine. David was as good as gold. Can you complete these metaphors? The bats A waterfall

The cave Gold coins The torchlight winked from the treasure chest. danced on the cave walls. were black velvet scarves. was a curtain of glittering, blue silk. is a gloomy prison for the climber. L.O. To know how writers make imaginative comparisons. Your task Guided

All other groups Drawing metaphors Draw an amusing picture for each of these metaphors: Her feet were blocks of ice. He flew down the street. Its raining cats and dogs. Time files. Draw your metaphor Remember to give each picture its heading. Then cut out and put in your literacy book.

Plenary Similes or Metaphors? Some of these sentence are similes, some are metaphors. Can you tell which are similes, which are metaphors?

As slippery as an eel. Arnie was a man-mountain. He was a lion in battle. She is as pretty as a picture. The striker was a goal machine. The torch lit up the room as if the sun had risen early. The moon was a misty shadow. My friend has a face like a bag of spanners .

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