Customer Showcase: Deploying Microsoft Office 365 ProPlus

Spark the future. May 4 8, 2015 Chicago, IL Ignite Goals and Audience Challenge what you know, reveal new opportunities, spark innovation, and see where technology is headed at the largest and most comprehensive Microsoft technology event. Accelerate the customer journey from awareness through advocacy Further our enterprise story and its value to customers IT Decision Makers IT Professionals Final authority for purchase decisions in a particular technology area of their organization, but do not directly use or implement the technologies Technical SME for their organization in a particular technology area and have significant input on purchase decisions Drive deployment and usage of Microsoft products and services Enterprise Developers &

Architects Developers create the programs that provide business solutions; architects link the business strategy, & processes to the IT strategy Press & Analysts Key industry influencers review our products and report on news to our customers ROLE MIX Ignite Attendees BDM 4% ITDM 11% SOLD OUT! with over 20,000 people in house IT Implementer 72% Enterprise Developer and Architect 14% TOP 3 PRIMARY OBJECTIVES 38% PREVIOUSLY ATTENDED EVENTS None 33% TechEd

12% MMS 4% 5% 8% 5% 6% 6% 8% Keep up to date on existing products/technologies& services Learn about beta products/technologies& services 10% United States 82.61% Go Bu vern sin m e es s S nt er

vic E d es uc ati on H M an ealt h uf Fin ac t an ur ci a in g lS er vic IT es & So ftw ar e Ot he r Other 8% 4% Learn about new products/technologies&

services that have been released to market GEOGRAPHY of & Lync 23% 30% SharePoint Exchange INDUSTRIES Western Europe 13.04% 4.35% Canada Keynotes Monday, May 4 | 9:00 A.M.11:45 A.M. | Lakeside Hall D Microsoft CEO, Satya Nadella, will take the stage at first thing Monday morning to outline Microsofts company strategy and how we are working hard to empower every person and every organization on the planet to achieve more. Following Satya, Joe Belfiore, Corporate Vice President, PC, Tablet and Phone will describe how Microsoft aims to Empower Personal Computing, sharing information about the upcoming release of Windows 10 and exciting work to delight end users from across Microsoft. Gurdeep Singh Pall, Corporate Vice President, Skype, follows Joe and will discuss how the company is Empowering the Future of Work;

addressing the challenges of a world of infinite apps, devices and data and how we help people get things done in their work and personal lives. Finally, Brad Anderson, Corporate Vice President, Enterprise Client & Mobility will speak about Microsofts aim to Empower the Future of IT, sharing information on how Microsoft is aiming to help IT manage their diverse environments in a secure, flexible and intelligent manner. Monday, May 4 | 5:00 P.M.6:15 P.M. | Lakeside Hall D Executive Vice President Technology and Research, Harry Shum, This focus of this session is on the trends that will reshape computing and drive disruption, showcased through a series of discussions and demonstrations of several of Microsofts world-class researchers. Foundational Monday, May 4 | 1:30 P.M. 2:45 P.M. Keynotes FND2702 DevOps as a strategy for business agility FND2851 Empowering Enterprise Mobility FND2202 Office Development Matters, and Here's Why... FND1451 Platform Vision and Strategy Overview: Bringing Microsoft Azure to Your Datacenter FND2203 The Evolution of SharePoint: Overview and Roadmap

Monday, May 4 | 3:15 P.M. 4:30 P.M. FND2701 An Overview of the Microsoft Application Platform for Developers FND2201 Overview of the Skype for Business User Experience FND2901 Overview of Windows 10 for Enterprises FND2101 Reinventing Productivity with Office 365 FND1551 The SQL Server Evolution Tuesday, May 5 | 10:45 A.M. 12:00 P.M. FND2204 Meet Exchange Server 2016 BRK2170 Customer Showcase: Deploying Microsoft Office 365 ProPlus Michael Atalla Markus Petrak Michelle Franklin David Ark Session details BRK2170

Tuesday, May 5 1:30pm - 2:45pm Room S105BC Session Flow 1. Introducing the panel (Michael Atalla) 5 minutes 2. Opening: context setting, ProPlus design principles and expected benefits 10 minutes 3. Panel discussion led by Michael 45 minutes business rationale for your upgrade Managing the project - who was involved? User impact and training approach Project Challenges every project has them what did you encounter? After the project what has it enabled you to do differently, what is next? Perceived risks: Insights from Microsoft research System Integration Legal risks Security concern s Project Risks

Staffing User readiness Prioritization Timeline Current Infrastructur e Scope Budget Current environments: insight from Microsoft research Current Active Directory 2003 Current Mail Environment 2008 2008 r2 2012 2012 r2 Current Office Client a ch x e n

ge 03 0 2 a ch x e n ge 07 0 2 a ch x e n ge 10 0 2 an h c ex ge 13 0 2

gm l ai s tu o l n es t o he t o r office 2003 office 2007 office 2010 office 2013 Please evaluate this session Your feedback is important to us! Visit Myignite at or download and use the Ignite Mobile 2015 Microsoft Corporation. All rights reserved.

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