The role the Third Sector has in supporting those experiencing inequalities Third Sector Conference, 13 February 2019 @CSREC01 www.csrec.org.uk #StopHate ABOUT CSREC

We are an equality and human rights charity Established in 1984 as a race equality community group We widened our remit to pan equalities in 2010 We work in Falkirk, Stirling and Clackmannanshire council areas @CSREC01 THE MAIN AIMS OF CSREC ARE: Promote Equality

Fight discrimination To promote good relations and community cohesion Promote community cohesion Build Partnerships MY ROLE AND PROJECT

Equality Engagement Officer Equality in the Community: CSRECs project Equality in the Community aims to inform and support people who face discrimination, inequalities and hate crime. Range of activities and actions, such as:

Providing a free Support and Advice Service Peoples Rights and Equality Groups Outreach work

Awareness raising sessions Secretarial support for FV LGBTI+ Dev. Group PROJECT OUTCOMES

Outcome 1: Discrimination against people who share protected characteristics is reduced, and multiple discrimination is addressed so that barriers to participation are reduced. Outcome 2: People covered by hate crime legislation experience lower levels of hate crime. Outcome 3: People and communities are supported to participate in and engage with services and civic society; their contribution is recognised and community cohesion is increased.

SUPPORT AND ADVICE SERVICE Free to use Drop-in or appointments

Support can range from signposting and providing information to more intense, long-term support and advocacy SUPPORT AND ADVICE SERVICE: TYPES OF CASES Cases from 1 July 2018 - 31 Dec 2018 Health; 5.39% Education; Information ; 7.19%

2.40% Welfare; 22.16% Hate Crime; 11.38% Service Delivery; 7.78% Discrimination; 4.79% Employment; 11.38% Other; 7.19% Gender Based

Immigration; 11.38% Violence; 4.19% Housing; 4.79% CASES: WELFARE High number of Welfare cases help with applying for benefits, appeals, mandatory reconsiderations, delayed payments, no payments

High levels of poverty applications to Scottish Welfare Fund, referrals to food banks Long-term solutions? CASES: DISCRIMINATION EXAMPLES OF DISCRIMINATION

Direct Discrimination Discrimination by Association Discrimination by Perception Indirect Discrimination Harassment Victimisation CASES: HATE CRIME A hate crime or incident is an act of violence or hostility directed at a person or group because of who they are or who someone thinks they are on the basis of their:

Disability Race Religion/faith Sexual orientation Transgender identity Hate crime is currently under review YOU DONT HAVE TO BE HIT FOR IT TO BE HATE CRIME Verbal Abuse

Swearing Threats Intimidation Harassment Bullying Physical Abuse Graffiti Vandalism Online Abuse


Local forums across Falkirk, Stirling and Clackmannanshire where people can discuss issues relating to, e.g.: Housing Healthcare Transport Employment Safety EVENTS Black History Month raise awareness of

issues BME people face but also share cultures LGBT History Month INEQUALITY: MY THOUGHTS Some people lack awareness of what rights they have and what to do when they are violated

Access to employment that matches skills is an issue Underreporting of bullying, hate crime, discrimination and harassment Lack of budget for inclusion in the Third Sector (e.g. interpreting,

translation, accessibility) Education and sharing real life stories is important to reduce inequalities Working in partnership with other third sector organisations helps

QUESTIONS? Community Education Centre, Park Street, Falkirk FK 1 1RE Phone: 01324 610 950 www.csrec.org.uk Email: [email protected] Whatsapp: 07522032794 Skype: [email protected] Like us on Facebook @CSREC01

Follow us on Twitter @CSREC01 Join Volunteer Like Donate TEXT DONATIONS Text CSRE12 10 to 70070 to donate to Central Scotland Regional Equality Council and make a difference today. You can chose the amount that suits you to donate so if you want to donate 3 you can text CSRE12 3 to 70070

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