CSA - Health Education England

The CSA Dr Hasan Chowhan Aim of the session

Brief overview of the exam

What do I need? What can I expect? How will I get marked? How do I prepare? The secret formula.

The CSA http://www.rcgp.org.uk/training-exams/mrcgp-exa ms-overview/mrcgp-clinical-skills-assessment-csa. aspx The CSA

13 Ten minute consultations Clinic Telephone Home visit (Remember the dress code)


BNF BNF for children

Stethoscope Ophthalmoscope Auroscope Thermometer Tape measure Peak flow meter and disposable

mouthpieces The assessment Clinical Domains Data gathering Clinical management

Interpersonal skills Grade descriptors Clear pass (3) Pass (2) Fail (1) Clear fail (0)

Preparation Preparation Consult! 15 mins/10 mins?

Read Books CKS/Guidelines/EKU Practice

with colleagues With trainer supervised surgeries Remember home visits/telephone Whats in the clinical Domains?

Data gathering Role playing Split in to groups of 3 Doctor

Patient Observer Feedback Look for the most recent assessment report 2014/15

The six Curriculum areas with the lowest average scores were: Care of People with Eye Problems Genetics in Primary Care Care of People with Intellectual Disability The GP Consultation in Practice

Care of People with ENT, Oral and Facial Problems Care of People with Skin Problems Feedback Too much time was spent on Data Gathering. Complete the case!

Maybe the diagnosis is uncertain? Not enough flexibility in Management was demonstrated. Guidelines are guidelines Include the pt!

Missing out safety netting. Dont forget! Red flags/follow up! Feedback Feedback Statement 7 - Does not develop a

management plan (including prescribing and referral) reflecting knowledge of current best practice Feedback Statement 2 - Does not recognise the issues or priorities in the consultation

Eg. the patients problem, ethical dilemma etc. Feedback Statement 10 - Does not demonstrate an awareness of management of risk or make the patient aware of relative risks of different options

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