CS 2123 Data Structures

CS 2123 Data Structures Larry Clark My webpage: www.cs.utsa.edu/~clark 2019-01-15 CS2123 Week #1 Today What is CS2123? Discuss our lab locations, logins, passwords, servers Discuss attendance (use ClassQue) Discuss syllabus TAs Exercise Sessions in the CS Main Lab CS Career Development Discuss Arrays Future Pgm #0 is due on Fri Jan 25th CS2121 Recitation will discuss MobaXterm, Linux and your first programming assignment.

What is CS2123? In CS1713: o You primarily learned C (flow control statements, arrays, structures, functions, standard I/O) o We introduced pointers, linked lists, recursion, and binary trees In CS2123: o o o o o o We quickly review arrays, structures, and pointers We discuss intermediate data structures (linked lists, stacks, queues, binary trees, graphs) We thoroughly use recursion We discuss hash tables (aka, associative arrays)

Brief introduction to analysis of algorithms and sorting (merge, heap) Execute simulations Most importantly, in CS2123: o We think about problems and solutions. This is what makes this course FUN! Sometimes, our algorithms do a lot in small amounts of code. o Your career is very important to me. I help you understand whether a career based on a CS foundation is what you will enjoy. Computer Science Main Lab Location: NPB 2.118 (up the big stairway and to the right) On the right side, it has about 40 Linux workstations running 14.04. You will want to use these when you are in the Main Lab. On the left side, it also has about 40 VDI monitors. There will be TAs or tutors available most week days from 10-5, Saturdays 10-3, Sundays 1-5. (We do have holes in our schedule for at least 3 weeks due to UTSA bureaucracy.) For more information, see www.cs.utsa.edu/~clark/mainlab.htm

Your degree will probably be more enjoyable if you spend time in the Computer Science Main Lab. VDI Servers You can access our Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI) servers from most browsers and our CS classrooms are equipped with VDI monitors. VDI servers provide Microsoft images and execution on the server, avoiding having to deploy releases to each desktop. Link: https://vdi.cs.utsa.edu Your VDI login: abc123 id Your initial password: (lowercase, no spaces) If you added the class since late Thursday, you probably dont have a login id. If you dont have a working login id, send me an email with your abc123 id. VDI only persists your V drive! Login to VDI How to Login to VDI in a Classroom

Save a link to my web site My website http://www.cs.utsa.edu/~clark/ Save that link on your V: drive: From the VDI desktop, right click and select New Shortcut Enter my website above Move that icon to your V: drive. You might want to go to the lecture notes for cs2123 and open this ppt. ClassQue Attendance is required ClassQue is a program to record attendance each day in class. Note that it wont do it if you login remotely (i.e., you arent in the class room). Just once, you must download and execute the ClassQue installation. Go to http://classque.cs.utsa.edu/classque/utsa/student.html Run the bat file for CS2123 section 001 (830) or CS2123 section 002 (1pm)

It will create a startup folder and startup.bat file on your V: drive. This will cause a ClassQue icon to be included on the VDI desktop every time you login to VDI. When you arrive in CS2123 each day, please record your attendance by clicking on the ClassQue icon. If it asks you for your seat number, enter the one that is on the monitor (possibly the back). Remote Servers At least one of the servers should be up at all times. These run Ubuntu Linux 14.04 Server addresses are where XX is 01 through 06. We may be adding additional servers during the semester. Your login id is your abc123 ID. Your password is defaulted to your banner ID without the @ I highly recommend that you use MobaXterm. You can also get to these externally using: ssh X [email protected] You must make certain your code runs on the remote server before submitting it for

grading. syllabus Teaching Assistants do recitations and grade programs David Patrick [email protected] His CS Lab Hours: TuTh 11am-1pm Recitations and grades quizzes Kumar Thummapudi [email protected] His CS Lab Hours: TuTh 4pm-5pm Grades your programs CS2121 Recitations

NPB 1.226 I will post recitation practice problems and (take home) quizzes on Blackboard for most weeks. David will work on the practice problems with you during recitation. After the recitation, you should work on the quiz and submit it by 11:59pm that Friday. Each (take home) quiz will be worth 5 points. Although you can work together on the practice problems, please do NOT work together on the (take home) quizzes. Similar problems may appear on the exams. CS2123 and CS2121 will receive the same grades. Exercise Sessions in the CS Main lab Beginning the third week, tutors will provide exercise sessions to help work through additional exercise problems The exercise problems come from my old exams You will receive 2 points extra credit for each exercise session you attend (maximum of one per week).

Historically, students who attend (and participate) in at least ten sessions have earned an A or B We will not have exercise sessions: o First two weeks of the semester o Any week when we are having an exam o Week 15 A schedule of the exercise session times will be posted on my website once the tutors have been determined. Computer Science Career Development Spring 2019 Session #0: Resume Writing Tips (online) Online at www.cs.utsa.edu/~clark (scroll down to Career Development) > Resume Writing Tips: resumeWriting.pptx Session #1 & #2: Mock Interviews Session 2: Fri Feb 1st, 1-230pm in Mesquite Room UC 2.01.24

Session 3: Fri Feb 1st, 245-415pm in Mesquite Room UC 2.01.24 > See below for the location of the Mesquite Room > Register through handshake(utsa.joinhandshake.com) > Please only sign up for one of the two sessions on Fri Jan 27th > As groups of 4-6 students, you will answer sample interview questions and receive feedback > Sample interview questions: SampleInterviewQuestions.htm > Network with possible employers Career Fair STEM Career Fair Tue Feb 19th , 8:30-11:30am > Usually 50+ employers looking for CS students > Wear business attire > Bring your resume > Check out the UTSA Career Fair App Session #3: Career Survival for Graduating Seniors Fri Apr 12th, TBD, NPB 1.???

> If you are graduating in 2019, attend this session. > Does it take more than technical skills to be successful? > How can I be successful on assignments? > What can I do to get promotions? > How can I get more champions? > Advice from employers Plan Ahead When Graduating Begin Interviewing for Summer Internships Begin Interviewing for Full-time Jobs Begin Practicing in

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