CS 201 - Data Structures and Discrete Mathematics I

CS 201 Data Structures and Discrete Mathematics I Syllabus Spring 2005 02/28/20 CS 201 1 General Information Time: 2:00pm - 2:50pm, Monday 2:00pm - 3:15pm, Tuesday and Thursday Location: 304 BH Instructor: Bing Liu Web: http://www.cs.uic.edu/~liub Email: [email protected]

Office: 931 SEO Office hours: 10:30am -12:00noon, Monday and Tuesday TA: Jianhong Zhou Email: See course Web page Office: See course Web page Office hours: See course Web page Course Webpage: http://www.cs.uic.edu/~liub/teach/cs201-spring-05/cs201.html Prerequisites: MATH 180, C or better in CS 102 or C or better in CS 107 Req. texts: Data Structures and Algorithms in Java, Third edition, by Michael T. Goodrich and Roberto Tamassia Discrete Mathematics with Applications, Second Edition, by Susanna S. Epp, 02/28/20 CS 201

2 Course description This course is a blend of theory and practice. You will study some of the fundamental theoretical topics in Computer Science. These include mathematical induction, set and function theory, run time analysis, and logic. You will also learn some basic data structures and algorithms, and do programming projects to strengthen your programming skills and to apply theory in practice. In addition, you will also study the basics of object-oriented programming using Java. 02/28/20 CS 201 3 Topics

Propositional logic Predicate logic Mathematical induction Set theory Relation and function theory Recursion Java programming topics Run time analysis Linked lists, stacks and queues Introduction to trees and graphs 02/28/20

CS 201 4 Grading Final Exam: 40% Midterm (1): 25% Quizes (1): 15% Java programming assignments (2-3) 20% You MUST pass the final to pass the course. 02/28/20

CS 201 5 Rules and Policies Incompletes: The UIC Undergraduate catalog states that in addition to needing excellent justification for an incomplete, a student must also have been "making satisfactory progress in the course. Therefore, no matter how good your excuse, I will not grant you an incomplete if you have less than a C average at the time you ask for an incomplete. Statute of limitations: No grading questions or complaints no matter how justified will be listened to one week after the item in question has been returned. 02/28/20 CS 201

6 Rules and Policies Cheating: Cheating will not be tolerated. All work you submitted must be entirely your own. Any suspicious similarities between students work (this includes homework, exams and program) will be recorded and brought to the attention of the Dean. The MINIMUM penalty for any student found cheating will be to receive a 0 for the item in question, and dropping your final course grade one letter. The MAXIMUM penalty will be expulsion from the University. MOSS: Sharing code with your classmates is not acceptable!!! All programs will be screened using the Moss (Measure of Software Similarity) system. 02/28/20 CS 201 7 Rules and Policies

Late assignments: Late assignments will not, in general, be accepted. They will never be accepted if the student has not made special arrangements with me at least one day before the assignment is due. If a late assignment is accepted it is subject to a reduction in score as a late penalty. Classroom conduct: Classroom discussions and questions are a valuable part of the learning process and are encouraged. However, students who repeatedly talk among themselves disrupting the class lecture will be asked to leave. 02/28/20 CS 201 8

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