Just Energy Background History Identification of issue/injustice - March 2000 American Indian newspaper article Founder of C.R.E.E. visited and talked with Pimicikamak Cree Nation

Grass-roots Organizing meeting - November 2000 Environmental, social justice, human rights, and indigenous representatives C.R.E.E. established - December 2000 Current Situation Acquisition under way

ME 3 (Minnesota for an Energy Efficient Economy) Michael Noble, Executive Director. Indian sub-committee and Indian people on the advisory board. Purpose Raise Awareness about environmental and social impact of energy consumption

Integrate awareness of social and environmental consequences of energy consumption into public policy Stop the purchase of hydro-power from Manitoba Hydro Goals Education

American Indian Outreach $5.00 Campaign Legal

Education Component Down to the Wire Curriculum targeting 4th and 9th graders Focus on the creation of electricity, consumption and how it is used

American Indian Outreach Seeking Nation resolutions in support that Xcel not purchase Hydro electricity based on the devastating impact to the Boreal forest and the C.R.E.E nation. To date we have _____ resolutions from nations and ____ from Indian organizations. $5.00 Campaign Method for those who are energy conscious and

social justice oriented to actively protest against Xcels lack of attention to the impact on the environment and Indigenous people. Legal Challenge the decisions made by Minnesota Public Utility Commission regarding the review of environmental and social impact of Hydro usage. Historical Context of Energy

Environmental Issues and Indigenous Communities 4 Reasons for Hydro Development Flooding Irrigation Electricity In US - tourism or recreation Energy at Expense of Indian Nations in US

Lakota Nation Ohie Dam at Missouri Seneca Nation

Kinzua Dam on the Alagancy River Lac Courte Oreilles (L.O.C.) Commission Blackfeet Nation

Prairie Island Nuclear Plant Northern Cheyenne Methane Plant Goshoot, Utah Placement of spent nuclear plant fuel Indigenous People of the World Impacted by Hydro Dam projects Malaysia China

Philippines Breaking the Iron Bonds: Indian Control of Energy Development by Marjane Ambler According to government agencies Indians own 30% of the coal west of the Mississippi River 37% of potential uranium resources and 3% of the nations known oil and gas reserves

Breaking the Iron Bonds: Indian Control of Energy Development by Marjane Ambler Uranium and coal mined on some of the following reservations: Navajo coal and uranium Hopi coal Crow coal Cheyenne River Sioux coal

Laguana Pueblo uranium Spokane uranium CROSS LAKE General Background Population: 5704 as of July 1999

Employment 90% unemployment Primary form of income is welfare (Canadian style) $230.00 a month Work for the tribe General Background Health problems There is no hospital only a nurses station. Anyone in need of medical attention must go to

Winnipeg, which is expensive. diabetes heart problems cancer liver

kidney birth defects skin disorder General Background Suicide effects all generations but primarily teens high rates

Birth Rate %60 of the population is under 25. High rates General Background

Environmental impact Impound area (large area that holds the water) Man has basically reversed the cycle of flow. Use of Indian land for energy in the U.S. Reasons for Community Destruction

Residential schools that impacted the community (sexual abuse of children) The bottom fell out of the fur market and the most recent and impacting factor The building of the hydro dam. The community was uninformed. Hydro was placed upon them without their consultation or input. Hydro Impact on Cree Nation

5 Cree nations have been impacted 4 nations have chosen to work with Manitoba Hydro Cross Lake stands by the 1977 flood agreement wanting Manitoba to abide by the agreement

QUESTIONS Thank You! Copyright, 2002 Human Rights Resource Center, U of MN and C.R.E.E. Template Design Copyright, 1996 Dale Carnegie & Associates, Inc.

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