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ACT Study Party Structure of the Test English Math Reading Science Writing 45 Minutes

60 Minutes 35 Minutes 35 Minutes 40 Minutes 75 Questions 60 Questions 40 Questions

40 Questions 1 Essay 2 How much do you know about the ACT? Composite Score Range: 1-36 How is

Whats a the test good scored? score? The score that will get you into the college of your choice Composite Score Consists of: Average of

the four multiple choice tests 3 Basic ACT Strategies Always do the questions that look easiest for you first. Three flavors: easy, medium, and difficult. All questions are worth the same

amount. Different people do better on different types of questions. POOD Pace POE No penalty for wrong answers. Dont let tough questions slow you

down; skip them and come back later, after youve answered all of the easier questions. 4 Pacing Math English Pacing Charts

Reading Science 5 English Pacing Chart 6 Pacing 7

Math Pacing Chart 8 Pacing 9 Reading Pacing Chart 10 Pacing

11 Science Pacing Chart 12 Pacing 13 Guessing Should you guess on the ACT? What would you do in the following scenarios?

(LOTD is B, G) ? (A) ? (B) ? (C) ? (D) ? (E) D! T LO (G) ? (H) (J)

? (K) (F) ? (G) (H) (J) (K) S! S UE Pic

? (F) G ! H k 14 Basic ACT Strategies Always do the questions that look easiest for you first.

Three flavors: easy, medium, and difficult. Different people do better on different types of questions. All questions are worth the same amount. No penalty for wrong answers. Cross off answers

you know are wrong. The wrong answers are there for one reason: to distract you and keep you from picking the right answer. Dont let tough questions slow you down; skip them and come back later, after youve answered all of the easier questions.

15 English English Strategies Four Cs of English ACT: 17 Basic Approach 18 English Pacing

19 Complete GO! Period . Comma , Semicolon ; NO Punctuation Comma + FANBOYS , + For

And Question Mark ? Nor But Exclamation Mark ! Or Yet So 20 Vertical Line Test Links ONLY two Complete Ideas (CI + CI) Links anything EXCEPT Complete Ideas (CI + ICI, ICI + CI,

ICI + ICI) Flying a PA-28 is no more difficult than flying CI Use the VERTICAL LINE TEST only when you see STOP punctuation. ICI a C-172; when some procedures are quite different.

A. B. C. D. NO CHANGE C-172, even though C-172; although C-172, We need Go Punctuation, Eliminate all the Stop 21

Comma Rules 3. Totally lost,the group of settlers wandered through the desert. 4. The teacher may use pictures , mime , and objects to build her students vocabularies. 5. Bruno is a big,ugly dog. 6. Our letter carrier, Sam, is always cheerful. Most tested tested Most

comma rule rule comma on the the ACT! ACT! on 22 Work Zone and Road Signs Colon : Must come after a CI Second idea must be a list, definition, or explanation of

the first idea Conjunctions make an idea INCOMPLETE Examples: since, although, because, if, while Dont Ask, Do Tell: When used as a question, it is a CI When used as a statement, it is an ICI Subjects and Verbs: Sometimes you need to add or delete a subject and a verb to link ideas correctly. 23 Apostrophes Attached to a NOUN?

Attached to a PRONOUN? Is the Next Word a Noun? Expand it Out! Only NOUNS can be possessed. Michael stepped on his noun brothers phone. not a noun

Yesterday, my cousins went to the movies. pronoun Theyre on the roof. They are pronoun The team will have its best it is game ever. pronoun Whos going to call the

Wh ambulance? o is 24 Math Order Of Difficulty (OOD) Rough order of difficulty: In first 20 Qs 17 are Easy In second 20 Qs 17 are Medium In third 20 Qs 17 are Difficult POE:

Saves time and helps you guess on harder questions. Ballparking: Helps you avoid careless mistakes and make educated guesses on more difficult questions. 26 Math Strategies Be smart with your calculator! Set up the problem Watch out for calculator mistakes:

Parenthesis Negatives PEMDAS Square roots 27 Word Problems Basic Approach: Know the question: Read the whole problem before calculating anything, and circle the actual question. Let the answers help: Look for clues on how to solve and ways to use POE.

Break the problem into bite-sized pieces: Watch out for tricky phrasing Word Problems Each member in a club had to choose an activity for a day of volunteer work. 1/3 of the members chose to pick up trash. 1/4 of the remaining members chose to paint fences. 5/6 of the remaining members chose to clean school buses. All of the remaining members chose to plant trees. If the club has 36 members, how many of the members chose to plant trees? 1/3 x 36 = 12 (pick up trash) A. 3

B. 6 36-12 = 24 1/4 x 24 = 6 (paint fences) C. 9 24-6 = 18 D. 12 5/6 x 18 = 15 (clean school buses) E. 18 18-15 = 3

Plugging In Plugging In turns complicated algebra problems into basic arithmetic problems. Clues: 30 Plugging In Steps: 31 Plugging In Tips:

If you get more than one correct answer, plug in another number! 32 Plugging In The expression a[b + (c-d)] is equivalent to: Plug in for the variables! A. ab + ac - ad = 10 a=2, b=4, B. ab + ac + ad Too big! c=6, Solve ford=5 your target

C. ab + ac - d = 15 2[4 + (6 D. ab + c + d= 19 E. ab + c - d = 9 5)] = 10 Check ALL answer choices! 33 Plugging In The Answers (PITA) If you cant plug in your own number, try Plugging In The Answers! Clues: 34

Plugging In The Answers (PITA) Steps: 35 Plugging In The Answers (PITA) If x is a real number and 3x+1=27, then x=? Label your answers Start

Here A. B. C. D. E. 0 1 2 3 4

x 3 =2 7 2+1 36 Geometry Basic Approach: Tips:

Use Ballparking! Know Your Formulas! 37 Geometry How do you find the area? Rectangle: Area = l x w 4

Square: L Area = 32 Area = s2 M Area = 49 7

Perimeter = 24 8 Triangle: Area = bh 2 O Area = 6 Perimeter = 12 4

3 5 Perimeter = 28 N How do you find a perimeter? Add up all the sides! 38 Geometry

Arcs and sectors are proportional to the central angle of a circle . central angle arc length circumference 360o = = s O sector area

di a me ter sector area area of circle = circumference = 2 r arc angle

ra di u part whole area = r2 Geometry 10 In parallelogram ABCD, AB = 5, AC = 10,

and CD = 17. What is the area of parallelogram ABCD? Area of rectangle = l x w Area of bh A. 24 5 x 8 = 40 triangle = 2 B. 40 6 x 8 = 24 A 5 B 2

C. 64 24 40 8 D. 88 24 24 24 E. 90 + 40 C 6 6 D 17 88

Label & Carve it up! Reading Reading Strategies 42 Passages and Questions Pick Your Order of Questions That Are: OR

Know When to Walk Away: Use your POOD Use POE LOTD, and move on! 43 Basic Approach 44 Question Types Fetch Questions How

To Spot How To Answer According to the passage Read 5-10 lines above and below States, indicates, offers If you dont find your answer in the answer choices, read further

Short Answers 45 Question Types Reasoning Questions How To Spot Infer, means, suggests, implies Longer answers Purpose or function of part or all of the passage What the author or a person in

the passage would agree or disagree with Describe all or part of the passage How To Answer Now, later, or never use your POOD 46 Reading

47 Reading 48 Reading Dual Reading Passage Basic Approach 49 Science

Science Strategies 51 Science Strategies Now Passages Feature: 52 Basic Approach 53

Relationships Inverse Direct Mark Relationships: Between Variables

Between Figures Between Experiments Between Scientists Bell Curve No Relationship Mark Trends in Variables: Are the numbers increasing or decreasing?

54 Fighting Scientists Basic Approach: 55 Writing Scoring the Essay Two graders each assign these subscores on

a 1-6 scale: 57 Essay Make sure your essay contains some unique argument! The Approach: Template 58 Jeopardy

Dont Forget! Ar ri v e to yo ur

te st sit e by 7: 45 Admission Ticket Acceptable Photo ID

Calculator Pencils/Eraser Snacks Pacing Charts AM ! 59

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