Course Information & Syllabus

Course Information & Syllabus Prerequisites Math Physics Materials

Loose leaf paper for homework Scientific/Graphing Calculator (not a cell phone, iTouch, etc) Textbook Homework Assigned on web bechtold/ Due at beginning of class on due day (see

class calendar) No late homework (one is dropped) Homework is spot checked Reading Alternate textbooks (, Goodwill, Halfprice Books, garage sales, etc.) Hyperphysics Wikipedia

Physics Classroom & many others Studying HowToStudyPhysics.htm Have a schedule Study everyday Move on when you get stuck (but write

down your problem) Test yourself by re-solving problems on blank paper with no aids Getting Help Form a small study group Use the Learning Center If your lab finishes early, stay and study and ask questions

Academic Honesty Study collaboration is encouraged, however, all work on exams, quizzes, worksheets, and labs must be the original work of the student. Class & Class Preparation Survey the topics that will be discussed

and think about them before class Take outline notes only so you can listen Go over your notes after class Repeat examples done in class Test Preparation Go over class notes Attend the review and study the topics I review.

Look at all problems, examples, & questions. If after reading the question, you are unsure of it, then repeat it. Review as needed in text or other source Grading Policies The correct answer by itself is worth nothing.

Credit is based on your individual work and explanations. Recitation from the text or other sources is not an explanation. All calculations must begin with a written formula or concept. Grading Policies cont. Express homework final answers in the

form of a complete sentence, with the correct units and number of significant figures. disorganized, hard to read, will receive little or no credit. Exam Policies No makeup exams are given. However, one low or missed exam will be replaced by the Final

Exam score Exams cover all of the class e.g. a question might begin with As done in lab, As discussed in class, etc. Graphing calculators and scientific calculators are allowed. Phones/wireless devices (itouch, iphone, blackberry), etc. are not allowed. No talking or sharing of materials during the

exam. Exam Policies cont. I will not comment on your work during the exam and will not give hints. Am I doing this right?, Is this the right formula?, etc. will not be answered. All exams are given during regular class times. If you know you will need more testing time you

should contact OSD Exams are given in class (not in testing center) The Final Exam is comprehensive (by departmental policy). Lab Labs will be handed out in class Lab score is weighted average of labs and

lab quizzes. Up to 3 labs can be made up. Friday 9-12 is the official time for makeups. You are responsible for learning the Lab Safety information and signing the form with risk of being withdrawn for failure to do so. Attendance/Participation

Counts 5% Good attendance and effective participation can help you in borderline grade decisions Students may be withdrawn after the 4th unexcused absence. Class Grade You must earn a C in the Lecture and the

Lab portion of the class in order to get a C in the class. If you are at or above 70% in Lecture & Lab then your score is 75% of Lecture + 25% of Lab. A (90-100), B(80-89), C(70-79), D(60-69), F(0-60) Lecture Score

Lecture score is sum: 65% Mid-term test average 20% Final Exam

10% Homework 5% Attendance/Participation End

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