Cooperative commissioning

Continuing the cooperative journey: cooperative commissioning Phase 2 The model learning from existing projects What have we learned? Tulse Hill project West Norwood Workshop Cooperative local investment plans Neighbourhood Enhancement Programme Starting with a conversation about the change people want to see

Defining outcomes locally Working differently with ward councillors Practically capacity building in the community and among officers and councillors for community based commissioning Testing out what local cooperation looks like Starting by mapping what is there, and what we can build on Identifying community priorities for change Defined budgets for local areas to be used achieving outcomes

Need to rethink community engagement approach Key role for ward councillors Starting with a conversation about the change people want to see in their area Focus on building local networks Recognition that priorities are different in different neighbourhoods Different role for ward councillors The model This is still cooperative commissioning Understandin g assets & needs,

outcomes determined Outcomes prioritised and resources allocated Monitoring and review CITIZEN Marketplace understanding and options appraisal Activity and service delivery Acquisition of services and activities But not all cooperative commissioning needs to, or should, take place at a borough wide level

The model how could it work? How can it work? Cabinet role Which outcomes are best commissioned at which level? Cabinet decides Allocate resourc es to each outcom e How do we decide what gets commissioned at what level? Look at the outcomes at a more granular level and ask: 1. What is the political aspiration? 2. What offers the best value for money? 3. Where do we most need to work closely with people

to achieve the The model how could it work? How can it work? Councillors and citizens Young people have opportunities to fulfil their ambitions: How can we achieve that outcome here? Looking at the strengths and needs of our community, we think it would be best to focus on: * Young people have the skills and attributes that support them to have sustainable careers *Parents are recognised for playing a strong and positive role in the family and community We have these resources (, people, partners) to achieve this outcome NB this example of outcome development is taken from

Tulse Hill pilot Citizens (residents, businesses, groups) Councillors Officers Working together to undertake commissioning The model how could it be delivered? Were still working out: Cooperation What are the most (cost) effective ways of working together with people in commissioning and sustaining this over time? Capacity What kind of support and development will ward members need to play a leadership role in this? What kind of support and development do officers need to work more flexibly to support citizens participate in commissioning, including the delivery of outcomes? And are still working on. Clarity

How do we address some of the systems issues? What is the best way of allocating resources/ disaggregating budgets? What issues might arise from operating commissioning at different levels? Too much complexity? Efficiency cost? Does neighbourhood commissioning automatically lead to more neighbourhood delivery? Help where are you at? What are you doing to work at a local level? Do you develop local outcomes? Are you doing commissioning locally, or is it neighbourhood management? What have you learnt? What is distinctly cooperative about your arrangements?

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