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How the current crisis is affecting the leisure marine industry EESC hearing in Vigo 1st December 2009 Mirna Cieniewicz, Secretary General European Boating Industry The boating industry today

The boating industry today European Boating Industry Our industry comprises of: Boat builders (sailing, motor boats, RIBs) Equipment manufacturers for boats (electronics, interior furnishing, rigging, etc) Equipment manufacturers for water sports (wind /

kitesurfing, canoeing, kayaking, diving, etc.) Infrastructure builders and operators (marinas) Service providers (trade & maintenance, chartering, financial / insurance services, schools, etc.) Industry Facts & Figures Approx. 37,200 businesses in Europe At least 272,000 direct employees 23.4 billion EUR of annual revenue

97% of these businesses are SMEs Steady growth rate of 6% for the past 10 years Export-oriented Europe is the world leader in this sector High quality & innovative products and technologies 48 million European citizens regularly practice leisure marine activities

The industry was hit hard by the crisis Thousands of companies hit by the financial crisis and the credit crunch, resulting in restructuring and costcutting programmes, massive lay-offs, bankruptcies of major players Sales and turnover fell by 30-40% in 2008 All segments were affected in 2008 Rising grey imports of used boats encouraged by weak dollar Crisis generated a negative atmosphere for buyers

Banks cut on financing options for clients Companies demonstrated a lot of creativity! But people continue boating A normal and even good year for the chartering industry in 2009 Some new behaviours appeared: Last minute booking Shorter renting periods

Bookings outside of the normal peak season A good year for marinas And for shiphandlers (repair & maintenance services, equipment retail) Some specificities of our industry Our industry does not only produce for leisure, we equip coastguards, maritime police, militaries, etc.

Boatbuilding, equipment and engine manufacturing are in between mass and on-order production We offer a large variety of jobs from both the industrial and the tourism worlds Boatbuilding and boating are revenue-generating activities in coastal regions but also inland with rivers and lakes European boaters buy what they can afford

Some of the jobs in our industry Some proposals to you Implement an effective market surveillance in Europe Support R&D efforts of an innovative industry EU FP7 Transport programme is too cumbersome for SMEs Environmental innovation needs to be lead development Support the export efforts to win new markets abroad

Professionalise the nautical jobs: Europe-wide recognised trainings, skills and positions Marinise competences Easier access to finance for companies More options to finance the boat acquisition Thank you for your attention!

European Boating Industry Mirna Cieniewicz, Secretary General Tel +32 / (0)2 741 24 46 E-mail [email protected]

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