Conflict - Ms. Barry's Literature Unit

Conflict TOUCHING SPIRIT BEAR Conflict Once we know something about the characters, we wait for a conflict to develop. Conflict is a struggle between opposing

forces. Conflict There is often more than one conflict. Conflict revolves around a problem or problems a character has with another character, with society, with nature, with machines, or even with himself or herself.

Stories largely center around conflicts. External Conflict A clash between a character and an outside force in an external conflict. (Character vs. character) (Character vs. nature) (Character vs. society) (Character vs. machine)

Internal Conflict If the struggle occurs inside a characters mind, it is an internal conflict. (Character vs. self) For example, a character may have to decide between right and wrong or between two solutions

to a problem. Sometimes, a character must deal with his or her own mixed feelings or emotions. These are examples of internal conflict. Group Work: You will be given a type of conflict. In your group, list all of the conflicts that fit your type. Be prepared to share specific details from the story. This means you

will need to write down page numbers, quotes, etc. that validate your answers! One person will need to record all of your findings, but everyone needs to help!

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