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Compensation Todays Agenda Explore Compensation Issues for NESA Schools What is working and what is not? Are there new trends or issues for which you should be preparing? Discuss Compensation Philosophy Process

Components of Compensation Overseas Faculty Hire Salary Tuition assistance Health Insurance Housing Retirement

Airfare to home of record Shipping Transportation What else? Human Resource Management HR

Personnel Salary Housing Recruitment Transportation Tuition for Kids Handbook 4

Key Common Challenges Background Knowledge driven economy Increasing demand for high quality International education Increasing number of schools (China) Expanding schools 5

Key Common Challenges HR Critical to the success of a school is your ability to reach, engage, attract and retain best global talent Develop best practices in talent management and employee services 6

Best Practices Planning for needs Recruitment Hiring / contracting On board orientation Employment / retention Termination / separation 7

Needs HR planning Project School growth, student enrollment, revenue expectations Assess internal needs placement, current updates, new jobs Develop HR plan for recruitment and management Number of overseas vs. local hires Expectation levels 8

Recruitment Develop strategy compensation benefits Coordination between Director and HR/BO Detail the plan Marketing materials Use staff to sell school, country Recruitment fairs, on-line options Referrals

Bonus plan 9 Bonus Plan? Should schools consider a retention or early signing bonus for faculty whose contracts are expiring? What about something to motivate faculty to inform the school if they are planning to leave? Should there be something different for local hire

employees? Are there attendance issues? If so, are the policies and procedures in place adequate to handle these situations? 10 Hiring / Contracting Offer letter / letter of intent Standard contract

Addendum specific Contract signing 11 On boarding / Orienting Stay in touch often / Establish a buddy Support travel / relocation plans, housing end to end

Welcome committee, Campus tour Help settle in furnishing, banking, phones, net, utilities Orientation to operations Assign teacher mentor 12 Termination /Separation Exit interview

Review No surprises 13 Compensation Questions Do we have to pay more for some teachers? - Math, Science, Computer Do we pay less for Lower School?

What about collegiality issues with differentiated pay traditions of equity on campus? Does everyone deserve a raise every year? Is compensation the thing that motivates teachers? Compensation and Benefits Strategies Market Position Cost per Employee

Internal vs. External equity Lead vs. Lag Attraction vs. Retention Seniority vs. Performance Education vs. Skills Compensation Philosophy Developed by Board and Superintendent

Drives Decisions Salary & Benefits Supports Mission Budget Compensation Philosophy

Organization Mission and Vision Why is philosophy important? Operational framework: Leads to compensation and benefits strategy Provides consistency over time Guides decision making Communicates reason for decisions

Demonstrates what is important to the school The philosophy statement is not: Static document The answer to all compensation and benefits questions Determining Philosophy Classify employee needs.

Identify categories of protected persons. What should be rewarded or valued in regard to human capital? What are the schools employment and retention goals for the next 5 years? Develop Philosophy Statement What role does compensation and benefits play in the achievement of

the schools strategic plans (financial goals)? Benefits Shipping What are the standard arrangements for shipping of personal items for exiting employees? What help is available to the business manager

for the logistics? Is there a way for schools to work together to reduce costs? 24 Benefits Health and Dental insurance what is offered? Is there a cost to the employee? Does it matter if the employee is single / married / family?

Retirement plans end of service benefits. Professional development what is offered? How is this determined? Is anything required? Travel allowance / summer / holiday / emergencies / bereavement / sick family member / etc. 25 Benefits

Tuition remission is this 100 % / for all children / for all faculty and staff / local and expat? Long Term Disability (LTD) Unemployment insurance what are the local requirements? Who handles the visas and immigration issues and paperwork? 26

Benefits Is housing provided for all ex-pat employees and families? What is included in this furnishing / utilities / cleaning / maintenance / etc. Is a vehicle provided for ex-pat employees? What about transportation to / from school / other requirements? Are laptop computers provided for faculty both local and ex-pat?

27 Your Challenge Mission & 21st Century Education Innovation

Financial Constraints Sunday morning topics Cracker Barrell Used text books Reporting to Faculty

Software systems Administrative structure Facility/Security Structure Procurement Non-profit Tuition Collection and discounts

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