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Common Core Update May 15, 2013 Understanding Assessments Ability or Summative Assessments (Thermometers) Understand Student Ability Usually a Scaled Score Growth Measure Benchmarks Diagnostic or Formative Assessments Diagnose Student Strengths & Weaknesses Must cover broad ability range Content Assessments

Ensure Content Mastery Understand Content Review Needs 1/26/20 2 Background Information Smarter Balanced Assessment Consortia (SBAC) And Partnership for Assessment of Readiness for Colleges and Careers (PARCC) PARCC Priorities Next Generation of Assessments Determine whether students are college and career ready or on track

Connect to the Common Core State Standards Measure the full range of student performance, including that of high- and low-achieving students Provide educators data throughout the year to inform instruction Create innovative 21st century, technologybased assessments Be affordable and sustainable SBAC A Next Generation of Assessments Align to Common Core State Standards in mathematics and English language arts/literacy Rigorously assess progress toward college and career readiness Use common cut scores across the Consortium Provide achievement and growth information Tests that are valid, reliable, and fair for all

students (except those with significant cognitive disabilities) Use multiple measures of student performance Use online technologies Be operational in the 2014-15 school year PARCC Assessment Plan PARCC Assessments ELA/Literacy and Mathematics, Grades 3-11 PARCC Proposed Guidance on Selecting Accommodations for ELs When selecting accommodations for ELs, consider the students: 1. Level of English language proficiency (ELP) on the state ELP test

o Beginning, Intermediate, or Advanced 2. Literacy development in the native language o Native language literacy o Interrupted schooling/literacy background 3. Background factors that impact effective accommodations use o Grade/age o Affective filter (i.e., level of student anxiety/ comfort with English) o Time in U. S. schools PARCC Proposed Mapping Accommodations to ELP ELDA English Language Proficiency Levels

WIDA ACCESS for ELLs English Language Proficiency (ELP) Levels Level 1 Entering Level 2 Emerging Level 3 Developing Level 1 Level 2 Level 3 Level 4 Expanding

Level 4 Level 5 Bridging Level 5 Level 6 Reaching Level 6 Pre-Functional Beginning

Intermediate Advanced Intermediate Advanced Full English Proficiency not exited Composite ELP Level (Acosta et al., 2008) Beginning Intermediate Advanced

Proposed Accommodations for ELs Accommodation Beginnin g Intermediate Advance d English/ Native Language Word-to-Word Dictionary (ELA/Literacy & Mathematics)

Test Directions clarified by test administrator in students Native Language (ELA/Literacy & Mathematics) Read Aloud or Text to Speech: Test items and response options read aloud in English (ELA/Literacy)

Scribe or Speech-to-Text: Responses Dictated for Mathematics assessment in English (Mathematics)

Extended Time (ELA/Literacy and Mathematics) Frequent Breaks (ELA/Literacy and Mathematics) 12 Our Concerns Technical capabilities are not leveraged to maximize ELL participation, for example

A word-to-word glossary will not be embedded in the assessment tool There is limited use of Native language in both reading of items and responding to items There is no indication that PARCC explored the technological feasibility of providing side-by-side translations of the directions and/or the assessment items even though such practices fall along the continuum of accommodations Operational Concerns

A PNP (Personalized Needs Profile) will be established for each student. It is not for clear how/when this will be done Accommodations ELLs would be determined forthough each it is stated that for it should be done

early year. EL, in their EL ELs Plan. Few districts have anin ELthe Plans and determining accommodations for each EL, particularly those with large percentage and/or numbers of ELLs, would be unrealistic. Our Recommendations

PARCC should focus on defining the eligibility criteria for linguistic accommodations and not broader definition of ELLs ELLs who score below proficient on the states English Proficiency Assessment (ELPA) would be eligible for linguistic accommodations. This category would be determined by the states cutoff scores for deeming a student proficient on their respective ELPA. ELLs who have been deemed proficient on their states

ELPA but have not been exited from the LEP status due to other exit criteria, would not be eligible for accommodations. For reporting purposes, the ELL subgroup (called LEP) is currently defined by federal law under NCLB. Former ELL Designation The Former should notorbestopped based on the years after anELL ELLDesignation

has exited LEP status regulatory fix that was meant the accountability AYP receiving Title III services. Wefor recommend maintaining calculations thatdesignation is limited tothrough only twothe former ELL high school

graduation and using a 2-year marker to monitor the ELL performance under Title III and to include these scores in SBAC Balanced Assessment System Next Steps

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