Chemistry 1B Laboratory - Pomona College

W A5 Nitric acid Berman, Laura Michelle W A14 N-propanol Bollens, Rachel Ryan W B3 Phosphoric Acid Calhoun, Corinne Sarah W B5 Phosphorous pentoxide Clute-Reinig, Nicholas Michael W B14 Potassium Bromide Crawford, Catherine Rose

W C3 Potassium Chloride Cyr, Christina Alene W C14 Potassium dichromate Evarkiou-Kaku, Anatolia Maya W D3 Potassium Iodide Ferguson, Luke Antrim W D5 Potassium Nitrate Fernald, Samuel J. W D14 Potassium Nitrite

Folse, Katherine Marie W E3 Potassium oxalate Forrester, William Phillip W E14 Potassium Periodate Ho, Vanessa W F3 Potassium Permanganate Kuo, Linus W F5 Potassium thiocyanate Pitkin, Julia Gabrielle W F14 secondary-butyl alcohol

Liu, Melinda W G3 Silver Nitrate Takahashi, Alexis Naoko W G5 Sodium acetate Tarhan, Leyla Yasemin W G14 Sodium bicarbonate Valdez, Stephanie W H3 Sodium Carbonate Vega, Alejandra Dessire W H14

Sodium nitrite Vega, Marvin Marcus W I3 Sodium Sulfite Wang, Kevin Yih Jiun W I14 Sulfuric acid Washington, Shannon Kim W J3 tertiary-butyl alcohol Winninghoff, Hayley Derome W J5 Tetraethylammonium chloride monohydrate Zahedi, Leila Marie Chemistry 1B Laboratory Spring 2010

Lab Assistants: Monday Kori VanDerGeest Tuesday Kelly Murphy Wednesday Jane Xu Thursday Connie Clarke Friday Albert Liu POINTS Experiments Excel Exercise 10 Safety and Chemical Resources Worksheets 5 Introduction to Electrochemical Cells 10 Colorimetric Determination of Manganese 15 Gas Chromatography 10 Enthalpy of Reaction 15 Neutron Activation

10 Inorganic Synthesis 30 Molecular Modeling lab 15 Kinetics 10 Total 130 Today REVIEW of Lab Safety Lab Safety & MSDS worksheets EXCEL exercises Safety assignment MSDS Material Safety Data Sheet properties of a particular substance procedures for handling, storing, disposing or working with that substance in a safe manner physical data (melting point, boiling point, flash point, etc.), toxicity, health effects, first aid, reactivity, format of an MSDS can vary from source to source (click here for an example) MSDS where do you find them? Every chemical supplier (Sigma, Spectrum) must provide

an MSDS for each product. Consumers can see a copy of MSDS if one knows the compounds name. Available online has a link to moldata and environmental chemistry Google, Wikipedia Other safety data CRC Handbook of Chemistry Merck Index Library information Flammability, health hazard, reactivity, special precautions Flammable - Red Susceptibility to Burning 4 Deadly - Flash point is below 73F - Very Flammable. 3 Danger - Flash point is below 100F Can ignites under normal temperature conditions. Hazard- Blue Reactive - Yellow 2 Hazardous - Flash point is Health below Recommended Protection Susceptibility for Energy Release 200F - Ignites with moderate 4 Special full protective suit and 4 May detonate under normal conditions. heating. breathing apparatus must be worn. 3 May detonate with shock or

heat. 1 Slightly hazardous -Flash 3point 2 Violent chemical change but does not when Full protective suit and breathing above 200F - Ignites apparatus should be worn. detonate. preheated. 2 Breathing apparatus with full face 1 Not stable if heated, use precautions. 0 Normal - Will NOT burn. mask should be worn. 0 Normally stable. Breathing apparatus may be worn. Specific Hazard-1White Section 0 No precautions necessary. Oxidizers OXY Acids ACID Alkali ALK Corrosives COR Use NO WATER W Hazard NowRadiation lets go into the lab to review safety

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