Chapter Four - Pennsylvania State University

Political Culture and Socialization MEXICO SYSYEM FUNCTIONS of the Political System Political Culture: Supportive Mexicans are highly supportive

of the political institutions that evolved from the Mexican Revolution Endorse the democratic principles of the Constitution of 1917 Political Culture:

not supportive Critical of government performance Pessimistic about their ability to affect election outcomes Growing distrust of

Congress and the political parties POLITICAL SOCIALIZATION Direct and indirect process of learning Formative years of primary importance Continuance throughout life

Agents of Political Socialization: Early Influences Family Mexico: Loyalty highly valued School Mexico: secular schools Religious institutions Roman Catholic constrained Protestant used to balance dominant Catholic ethos Peer groups

Adult Political Socialization: MEXICO Personal encounters with government functionaries and the police

Violence Drugs Employment Corruption Adult Political Socialization: MEXICO

Proliferation of popular movements Mass media Print media Television Political Socialization through political participation Political participation is of two broad types:

Ritualistic, regime-supportive activities Voting and attending campaign rallies, for example Petitioning or contacting of public officials to influence the allocation of some public good or service By law voting is obligatory

Voting turnout Closeness of 2006 presidential vote Trends in Contemporary Mexican Political Culture Derive from environmental conditions and exposure to the historic events The trends Modernization

Parochial decreasing Still many subjects More participatory

Post-modern values in urban middle class Self-determination & nationalism Violence a failed state? Pull between economic advantages of NAFTA and cultural affinity with the rest of Latin America Recruiting the Political Elite: (Activity inside of the System Function ) Who becomes one of Mexicos political elite?

Recruited predominantly from the middle class 1982-2000 mostly people born or raised in Mexico City Postgraduate education, especially at elite foreign universities and in disciplines such as economics and public administration Vincente Fox favored persons with nongovernmental experience and who had no political party affiliation. Calderon had an MA in economics and public administration (latter from Harvard) and had extensive party experience.


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