Chapter 22 Trashketball - Schoolwires

Revolutionary War Review Game Which city became the focal point for revolutionary activity and had the first initial bout of violence in the Revolution?

Stop Boston Which weapon gave the Continentals enhanced accuracy in guerrilla actions, but suffered from a slower rate of fire?

Stop Rifle About 20% of the colonial population were supporters of the Crown, commonly referred to as what? Stop

Loyalists/Tories Which Prussian officer instilled discipline and training into the Continental Army? Stop Von Steuben

In 1777, the United States was officially recognized by which foreign government? Stop France

The Battle of Trenton began after Washingtons famed crossing of what body of water? Stop Delaware River Which battle saw the defeat of Washingtons army and

the loss of the city of New York to the British forces? Stop Battle of Long Island (New York) Which battles in 1777 was considered the turning point of Revolution?

Stop Battles of Saratoga The British response to the Boston Tea Party was referred to by the colonists as the __________________ _________________

Stop Intolerable Acts Continental Chief of Artillery Henry Knox led an expedition from Fort Ticonderoga to assist the Patriots in which battle?

Stop The Siege of Boston What conflict ultimately led to increased British involvement in the affairs of the colonists? Stop

French and Indian War Which German mercenaries were commonly used by the British to bolster their numbers in conflicts such as Trenton and Saratoga? Stop

Hessians What gave the Continental Army a distinct advantage due to their ubiquity and control over the various colonies country-sides? Stop

Militias The Battle of Bunker Hill serves as a misnomer due to the Colonists decision to move their fortifications to which hill? Stop

Breeds Hill Which British line of communication was endangered due to the entrance of foreign powers? Stop Sea

Which Southern battle forced Cornwallis to abandon his campaign to cut off the Carolinas? Stop Battle of Guilford Courthouse

What tactical maneuver was utilized by General Nathaniel Greene to defeat Tarletons forces in the Battle of Cowpens? Stop Double Envelopment

What position in the Continental War council did Nathaniel Greene fill during Washingtons stay at Valley Forge? Stop Quartermaster General

British General Howe resigned as commander-in-chief after capturing the capital of Philadelphia. Who filled this role? Stop Henry Clinton

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