Chapter 15


and Intellectual Changes Social and Economic Transformation Political Challenges Spiritual and Intellectual

Developments Luther and the German Reformation The Search for Salvation The Two Kingdoms: God and the State

Henry VIII and the Anglican Reformation Legitimate Heirs and the True Church Radical Protestants and Renewed

Catholics Protestantism in Switzerland and France Ulrich Zwingli John Calvin

Radical Protestantism in the Rhine Valley The Catholic CounterReformation Wars of Religions

The Spanish Habsburgs Quest for European Hegemony, 1556-1598 The Era of Spanish Habsburg Dominance Revolt in the Netherlands Religious Wars in France

Wars of Religions Elizabethan England, 1558-1603 Lepanto and the Armada Philip IIs Failure in Europe The Austrian Habsburgs

Drive for Superiority and the Thirty Years War The Bohemian and Danish Phases of the Thirty Years War: The

Habsburgs High Tide to 1630 The Swedish and French Phases and Balance of Power, 1630-1648 The Peace of Westphalia

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